Records management controls, directs, organizes, trains, promotes, and manages actively Involved with respect to records creation, maintenance, use, and disposition in order to achieve adequate and proper (2007, 05, 23). 4) Tax strategy – how to survive an audit, capitalize on business deductions, and find tax-friendly ways to run your business. (5) Security issues directs, oversees implementation of impressive security systems for protection of Individuals and homes, and business, commercial, and Industrial organizations, and Investigates various crimes gallant client: Inspects premises to determine securely needs. Statues Pensacola conditions, observes activities, and confers with staff to obtain data regarding internal operations.

Analyzes compiled data and plans and directs installation of electronic security systems, for example closed circuit surveillance, entry controls, burglar alarms, ultrasonic motion detectors, electric eyes, and outdoor perimeter and microwave alarms?C,-1?0 (2008). 6) Informational technology advice ? the operation of computer hardware systems, ensuring usage as efficiently as possible. Computer hardware systems include, but are not limited to, mainframes, minicomputers, and networks of personal computers. Anticipates problems and takes preventative action that may occur during operations?C,-1?0 (Informational Technology Salary). 7) Advise on employee hiring – devise aptitude test based on company needs, skill assessment test, and personality assessment, aide in drafting the right interview questions to promote through provoking answers. 8) Shipping/receiving – evaluates shipping and receiving processes to eliminate wasted time, devise plan to streamline process and utilize employees to the fullest potential. (9) Inventory – devise strategic plan to reduce unused inventory, set min/Max numbers for usable inventory that will offer continuous supply to customers.

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Now it is time to meet our consultant specialists: Meet Ginger, Ginger has been in accounting for 18 years her specialty is Accounts Receivable/Payable. Her education began with taking classes at Immense State University in accounting and working in the accounting background. She also attended University of Phoenix where she continued her education with computers, working in a team setting and keeping records. With updated classes and certifications in the new laws and by understanding what laws pertain to each client Ginger can give the most current information.

This saves our clients money and time. Meet Shannon Roadman; Shannon is the budgeting, strategic and financial planning, and tax strategy consultant. Shannon has little experience in these fields but recently graduated with an Accounting degree and has her education along with throng organization, investigation, and communication proficiencies to help her and the business succeed. Roseanne history in both management and financial services makes her a qualified representative of the financial services and turnaround divisions of the firm.

She has three years experience in financial services; she was part of an elite team of senior bankers who worked as experts and trainers in the largest bank. This position required resolution of escalated issues as well as servicing premier customers. Furthermore, Roseanne has held a position in management since she was 17 years old in a range of fields. These fields include: restaurant, retail, banking and leadership positions in auditing and pricing analyst. This parity of knowledge allows her to be a well-versed consultant not only in financial services but financial turnaround.

She holds an AAA from Eastern Arizona College and is soon to complete a BAA in Accounting from the University of Phoenix. Meet Tamari, she is an accountant who has experience in tax related problems, crisis management due to management of other businesses, investment advice, and forensic accounting. Her ability to find any mistake, handle NY crisis that might arise, solve tax problems for customers, and the ability to take Ana Detente our customers In Investment value makes newer a g asset to ten company.

She will be receiving her BAA in Accounting from the University of Phoenix and will attend Keller Graduate School where she will be working on receiving her degree in Accountancy, Finances and Certified Fraud Examiner (CAFE). Meet Stephanie, Her 10 years of experience as a office and her education at the University of Phoenix makes her a qualified on Records Management, Informational Technology Services, and Security Issues. Joel is a seasoned manager with a progressive history of managing in different scenarios.

Her most recent management experience with the largest residential air conditioning company in Arizona gave her extensive hands on experience interviewing and selecting the right employees for the various positions within her department. The company had very demanding customers and the employees had to be able to handle high stress and a fast paced environment. Joel also has experience in shipping and receiving as well as inventory control. She was responsible for ensuring customer orders were picked and packed correctly ND were shipped to in a timely manner.