Consumption rituals at Marci Grass History Marl Grass” (French for Fat Tuesday) Is the final day of Carnival, the three day period preceding the beginning of Lent, the Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday immediately before Ash Wednesday. The cycles most famous for their Marci Grass celebrations include ROI De Jeanine, Brazil, and New Orleans, Louisiana In the mid sass’s a new phenomenon began to occur in New Orleans’ French Quarter during Marci Grass That phenomenon is described as an exchange of beads for nudity- dismemberment Dismemberment An action that is performed by nonprofessionals, relatively brief, leaving most of the body clothed and directed to strangers Public dismemberment is a consumption ritual based on a paradigm that expresses and reveals the moral order of contemporary society through Its Invocation of Important cultural codes.

Reason for Dismemberment Primary signal of position in the social system It models the core values of market societies To obtain beads The importance of beads Beads are the primary currency of Marci Grass They are thrown from parade floats and balconies The exchange of beads for nudity is a ceremonial Interaction involving negotiation and reciprocity among strangers. Three forms of ritual paradigms, as described by Shrub and Killers Command Ritual involves a unilateral gift of beads.

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Market Ritual involves and exchange of beads and dismemberment Veneration ritual involves a unilateral performance for dismemberment Market Ritual Differs from Command Ritual by neutralizing choice Celebrants were able to obtain mass quantities of beads without disrobing It was said disrobing Is necessary in order to obtain the beads with high value There re a great number of beads being manufactured, but some beads are worth more than others. By sass’s manufacturers produced strings of increasing length, larger beads, and more Loretta palate ageless. These beads are considered high end of the market, and quite difficult to obtain. Very few of the best and most attractive beads are thrown randomly How to obtain valued beads Can purchase the beads To be, or have a child who are not participants in dismemberment and they will receive many goods beads To engage in ritual dismemberment Ritual Privilege is conferred by spatial symbolism During Marci Grass, many people crowd the streets and interact across the spatial boundary that separates the balcony and streets Ceremonial significance of elevation was incorporated early into the command paradigm, where the riders in the grand parades practiced gifting, where their symbolic gratuities were distributed from higher to lower spatial positions. This spatial relation is an important element to the ritual because occupancy of high social positions is often symbolized by elevation in other words, the ritual redistribution of wealth from higher to lower social sections occurs from higher to lower physical positions. Market Rituals Reinforce Gender Difference through the legitimating conferred by moral choice Gender differences have been incorporated in the consumption rituals of Marci grass and exist as a function of the importation of traditional roles stereotypes and relations into these new social forms. Dismemberment is not restricted to women.

Men have significantly been involved in dismemberment since the early sass’s There has been a conscious movement by women to provide men with the opportunity and include men more directly in the act of dismemberment. Men tend to participate more in the daylight dismemberment ritual than at night like the women. Large crowds consulting nominally AT men would orient toward a woman or group on the balcony and shout out for women to expose their breasts. Conclusion Today, the majority of participants in Marci Grass do not disrobe They follow the original paradigm of begging and catching Shrub states “The freedom to decide whether and how to participate is arguably the most important value expressed at Marci Grass. “