By definition a controlled substance Is a “drug or chemical substance whose possession and use are regulated under the Controlled Substance Act. ” Controlled substances can range from marijuana, cocaine, heroin, crystal meet, and even prescription drugs. They are considered illegal in the state of Illinois and if caught with them you can be convicted with severe punishment. But, what if they are being used for medical reasons? (Controlled Substances) According to The Controlled

Substance Act of 1970, there are four things that determine if a drug is being abused: There is evidence that individuals are taking the drug or other substance in amounts sufficient to create a hazard to their health or to the safety of other individuals or to the community; or There is significant diversion of the drug or other substance from legitimate drug channels; or Individuals are taking the drug or other substances on their own Initiative rather than on the basis of medical advice from a practitioner licensed by law to administer such drugs; or

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The drug Is a new drug so related In Its action too drug or other substance already listed as having a potential for abuse to make It likely that the drug will have the same potential for abuse as such drugs, thus making it reasonable to assume that there may be significant diversion from legitimate channels, significant use contrary to or without medical advice, or that it has substantial capability of creating hazards to the health of the user or to the safety of the community. Of course, evidence of actual abuse off substance is indicative that a drug has potential for abuse. Act) If these drugs are so highly additive how can they be manufactured and sold in the united States. Marijuana is being used for medical use in patients. Citizens of the united States are also becoming addicted to prescription drugs, which can have the same mind altering effects of the controlled substances. The government needs to make stricter guldens for usage and stricter penalties for physicians that allow their patients to take advantage of them for these prescription drugs. Sing marijuana for medicinal purposes has long been a debate in the united States.

Currently there are 13 states that have approved Bills that allow marijuana to be used for medical purposes. California is the only state that “allows patients to possess and cultivate marijuana for person medicinal use providing a physician approves it. ” California physicians can approve marijuana use for “any illness for which it provides relief. ” The physicians are known to authorize marijuana use for “anxiety, headaches, premenstrual syndrome and trouble sleeping. There are an estimated 300,000 to 400,000 medical marijuana patients In the state now. There are many “dispensaries” In California that sell marijuana. You can buy it in its original form and smoke It or buy some alternatives that are non-landed. The non-landed alternatives can be bought in the form of “brownies, cookies, Goleta, honey, butter, cooking oils, bottled cold drinks, capsules, lozenges, and topically applied salves. ” People in Colorado are just starting to open these dispensaries since it has become legal tense. (Parlor) legalized for medical reasons. State Representative Lou Lang says, “l have to say it just good, old fashion political fear. He says that when he asks politicians if they support medicinal marijuana that most of them do, but they don’t vote on it because they say, “people will think I’m soft on crime. ” For now, it is against the law for any marijuana to be used in Illinois. (Daily Herald) On a daily basis you can look inside of a newspaper and see that people are abusing these drugs. The government is supposed to be making sure that these do not make it into the United States by itching what is coming into our country.