Is scheduled to receive a cardiac categorization. Gerry is driven to find the cause of his pain and handle It silently so he doesn’t worry his wife due to his father In law passing away from a heart attack. Gerry Is responding to his signs and symptoms by seeking Immediate treatment and he Is using problem-focused coping efforts to deal with his current situation.

Geyser’s main coping strategy is one focused on problem solving but Gerry also seems to be displaying some signs of using an motional response by not telling his wife what he is currently experiencing with his health. Gerry distributes a problem-focused coping style so I believe that the best psychological preparation method for Gerry is informational control. While most individuals generally experience some anxiety when preparing for a medical procedure, this method allows a person who responds positively to this type of method the thorough knowledge needed about what to expect before, during, and after the procedure occurs.

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All patients should go Into a procedure, no matter how big or small, knowing all the Information they can. The Informational control method will benefit Gerry because he Just wants to get this procedure over with, get answers, and move on as quickly as possible. Therefore, I believe that with the proper knowledge Gerry will be able to react effectively in the most positive manner to his upcoming procedure and hopefully get away with not worrying his wife in the process.