Fire Wall
Hardware or software that prevents unwanted persons, messages, or software from entering a network or computer
Virus Protection Software
Software that scans computer files to identify and repair files infected by viruses and delete malware
Permission to use photos or videos of others.
To use a source and not giving credit to creator
Fair Use
The portion of the US copyright law that allows limited use of copyrighted material without requiring permission from the copyright holder
Public Domain
Creative works or information that are not “owned” by an individual but is considered part of the common culture
Acceptable Use Policies
A document that clearly outlines what is and is not acceptable behavior when using the internet
Copyright Law of 1976
Works can not be reproduced without written consent
Digital Millennium Copyright Act
Placed strict restrictions on materials that could be online for instruction
Creative Common Licensing
Guidelines whereby content creators allow or limit your use to copy, edit, remix, build upon, or distribute all or parts of their works