Corporal Punishment of Children Antonio Johnson Nov 2, 2011 Instructor: Ms. Dorene Lake Essay- 2 Corporal Punishment is one of the world’s most argumentative topics especially, when it comes to children. Most people have their own views on the situation, I strongly agree to corporal punishment. People say it can physical, emotionally, and medically harm a kid. But there are many alternatives than just the physical abuse, there’s timeout, using a stern voice and different work out regiments you can use.

The alternatives I use are time out it actually let your child think about the wrong they have committed. Whether it is 5 to 30 minutes they are put in a position that they know if they do that again this would be the consequence. Then there’s using a stern voice, which seems to work well with my kids. I tell them to stop what they doing and they stop ant they won’t do it again it’s all in the voice. Some people say that I put fear in there heart but, I feel it’s more of a respect thing that kids secretly have for you.

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I also use workout regiments for my kids who involve sit up, pushups and jumping jacks. It benefits them in the end because they learn the value of good exercise and they won’t repeat what they did wrong again. In some drastic cases people take corporal punishment a little too far. By beating their kids with random objects; Such as shoes, brooms, and cow straps. I for one can admit to this cause it was done to me when I was growing up the first thing they got their hands on was the first thing you got hit with. I believe kids these days are more fragile than when most of us grew up.

Also physical leaves unnecessary bruise and mark on kids which get a lot of parents in trouble these days. The emotional and medical side of corporal punishment in some cases turns out worse than the physical. Kids end up killing themselves because they don’t want to be beat by their parents. They run away and get into drugs because they fell that would be better than living with and abusive parent. Then some kids grow up and end up doing they kids the same way cause they feel it right cause it’s how they was treated. Then it becomes a never ending circle of life, more of a downward spiral.

Then some kids also turn in to adults who abuse their wives and other family members cause they see no wrong in doing it. I feel corporal punishment can be successful and downgrading at the same time. It’s all about the different tactics you use. Whether you believe in the physical side or verbal it’s up to you . But, always realize what you do to your kids it teaching them what they should do in the future. So they will either grow up an abuses monster or a stern parent; it’s all on how they take what you have taught or done to them in the past.