Costumer Product & Services ·         Online Cash/Cheque depositor ·         Cash/ Cheque Withdraw ·         Loan taker ·         Credit taker ·         Cash saving   ·         Branchless Banking ·         Cash Deposit Machine ·         Internet Banking ·         Mobile Bank ·         Internet Banking ·         ATM/Banking                                                        Major Activities and Processes ·         Advertisement of different services are done with use of social network ·         Good Interest rate are provided for their customers. ·         Easy to take service and more faster ·         Good Security is provided for each services. ·         Wide variety of loan are provided to different groups of people.

·         People can use service of bank at any place by use of PC, Mobiles, Laptop etc Participants Information Technologies ·         Staffs ·         Manager ·         CEO ·         Share Holder ·         Clients ·         Security officer ·         Service details ·         Client details ·         Account Details ·         Tips to use Mobile Application and Internet Banking ·         Financial Support         ·         Accounting Software ·         PC network: Teller ·         Relation Database ·         Equipment Management Service ·         Imaging check/Statements ·         SMS/Email Service ·         Automate credit Scoring ·         Cloud Computing ·         VPN Services ·         Satellite and Wireless technology ·         Biometric Features   Infrastructure ·         Office Building ·         Office furniture ·         Office paper and files ·         Power and cooling system ·         CC Camera ·         Printers ·         Telephones, Internet, Files and billing system     Environment   ·          Services are expanded ·         Good communication is established between clients and office staff ·         Services are made online ·         Banking rules and regulation are expanded ·         Good interest rate are made for costumer     Strategies   ·         Privacy on costumer should maintain in higher level. ·         Good services should introduced for costumer. ·         Bank should make good communication within staff and within its all costumer with their requirement and needs. ·         Bank should look forward for future problem that may occurs in bank like data loss, data hack, system error, data crash etc.

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     Appendix-1 (After Digitization of Banking system )                           Costumer Product & Services ·         Cash/Cheque depositor ·         Cash/ Cheque Withdraw ·         Loan taker ·         Credit taker ·         Cash saving ·         Share taker ·         Cheque service ·         Manual cash deposit/Withdraw ·         Manual ticketing ·         ABBS services ·         Manual Locker                                                          Major Activities and Processes ·         Service information are given to people mostly in Newspaper and Radio. ·         Each service takes charge and difficult to use it. ·         To take new service takes lots of time and wait for many days to activate it. ·         Loans were provided to selected group of people ·         All activities were controlled by Headquarter and makes long time to correct error for branch office. Participants Information Technologies ·         Public ·         Businessman ·         Factory ·         Student ·         Share taker ·         No tips for using service ·         Client details ·         Account details ·         Interest details ·         Financial details ·         Less technology specially work were done in paper format ·         Post services ·         Least use of computer services and network are specially wired types ·         Single user software with less features   Infrastructure ·         Office Building ·         Office furniture ·         Office paper and files ·         Power and cooling system Environment ·         Slower response between costumer and office member ·         Service are manual ·         Works are done manually ·         Limited rules were introduced by bank ·         Interest rate are fixed and low Strategies ·         Bank makes plan about new interest and services ·         Services are made but relatively slow ·         Interest are comparatively low  Appendix-1 (Before Digitalization of Banking system)     Banerjee, A.

(2015). The rise of Digital Banking: Benefits and Drawbacks. Business Wolf. Retrieved from Bank, R. B.

(2011). Introduction – Rastriya Banijya Bank Limited (RBBL). Rastriya Banijya Bank. Retrieved from https://www.rbb. Gopal, S. (2018). Company Overview of Rastriya Banijya Bank Ltd.

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Small business. Retrieved from McDermid, D. (2008).

Ethics in ICT. Pearson Education Australia.                  Ghaziri, H. (1998). Information technology in the banking sector :.Graduate School of Business and Management, American University of Beirut.Retrieved from http://almashriq.hiof.

no/ddc/projects/business/it-banking.html References:                 AsRastriya Banijya Bank is completely digitalized and become as best bank inNepal but, there are also lots of problem which makes bank performance down.Bank should do good study in major parts of problems and should make goodsolution, plan to solve those problem in future. There are many parts in bankthat is most recommended and to be implemented for bank. Last but not least,being government bank in Nepal but, its service is best among other bank andfirst choice of people in Nepal. Bankshould do well study on technology before introducing it so, occurrence ofproblem will be very less in upcoming days. Digitalization is greatestinnovation but, it can be also big headache if it is not run in system so, bankshould make eye on it with good team to run whole system in smooth way.TheCase study “Banking system” give all outline description of banking systemwhich was applied before digitalization and Banking system which is currentlyrunning after digitalization.

Digitalization is greatest innovation by mankindand in use of it banking system has become a very easy task and it has becomeas most useful part in banking system for giving and running all service ofbank. As in previous days before digitalization all work was done in paper andhand format without use of any technology it was very slow in process but, nowin use of different technology when digitalization is introduced rate of doingwork become very fast but, there is also lots of problem like data loss,problem in security, data handling etc. Conclusion:              Nowadays, as digitalization did biggest breakthroughin banking system and almost all banks are making as its major parts. Almostall services of bank are digitalized and most of services are available online.”Rastriya Banijya Bank” is also giving all its services through online but,there are lots of problem that mostly occurs frequently like ATM machinefailure, Mobile banking failure, Server overload, Costumer service problem etc.As bank is completely digitized but there are also lots of problem to be solvedto make banking service effective.

So, bank should most look forward to it andshould make good IT department to make solution of every problem when errorgets arise. Bank also should implement good plan and discussion between allstaff members, making good contact with all client for their view and opinionabout problem they are facing. Since being “A” class bank it should study aboutwhole organization problem that may come and problem that is occurring to bebest among public. As”Rastriya Banijya Bank” is now completely digitalized and it is giving all itsservices in online based. Different services like Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, Digital lockerservice, Mobile pay service, ATM/card etc. are introduced after digitalization.

This all services are run by medium of communication so, bank should make goodeye to make it more secure. Different security like IP address protection,Password encryption, data security, Cloud computing, account monitoring,Software up to date should most implemented properly. Implementation:                 Nowadays,data hacking and data loss are more increased then before.

As most of systemare connected with each other though medium of internet and throughcommunication media data loss and data hacking are major problem arising inthis time. So, bank should made good eye on it for good data security that mayarise in future. Bank should use cloud server to store whole data to make itmore secure if any physical hazards occurs. Bank also should make all its IPaddress more secure and private then before. As we know after digitization mostof service are online based and service can be used through PC, Mobile phonesand through electronic device. So, bank should make good eye for makingauthentication for secured and way of login encryption should made strongerthan before. Bank should also make awareness within their costumer for makingtheir all login procedure more strong and should provide technique to make it strongerthan before. As we know nowadays almost all service are online based afterdigitalization and all services are provided electronically.

Bank should playvital role to provide good tutorial for their costumer to use all serviceswhich are totally online based. Bank also should play vital role for makinggood relationship with their all costumer and to make good flow of informationbetween them.  After Digitalization introduced in banking system allworks in bank has become easier comparatively before digitalization. The way ofgiving service and working method are drastically changed then before.Although, Digitalization is biggest innovation in today’s era but, there arelots of problems in terms of privacy and security. There are lots of servicesintroduced like Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, Digital locker service,Mobile pay service, ATM/card etc.

which are major parts that comes fromdigitalization.  Recommendations:                            Advantages:         i.            All works are online based and done electronically       ii.            There are wide range of services introduced for user and client.     iii.            People can easily set up the services taken by them and lots of instruction are given by bank in online for better service.     iv.            Banking security has become strong and data are more secured then before.

      v.            Transaction of money is fast within different number of bank.     vi.

            Remittance service is introduced.   vii.            Token service is introduced and people can do online through their mobile and PC to deposit their money. viii.            Error are easily solved by IT officer if any fault occur in banking transaction.     ix.            Bank can introduce their service and facility within people by use of different communication media.       x.

            People can take any service online through internet from mobile phone and PC.     xi.            Different types of facility like Branchless Banking, Cash Deposit Machine, Internet Banking, Mobile Bank Internet Banking, ATM/Banking are introduced.   xii.

            Work are also done in branch bank so, task are completed fast   Disadvantages:         i.            There are problem on transaction. Most of transaction are done in online based and electronically so there are lots of problem like system failure, server crash, server overload, power cut problem etc.       ii.

            Problem on security. Since, almost all transaction are done electronically so, there is high chance of data hack. If there is not strong encryption in account of costumer hacker can easily stole money and database of costumer.     iii.            There will less person relationship of people within bank. Main reason on it is due to online services. Costumer can easily activate and deactivate there service through online medium. So, people don’t want to go bank for taking any services and to know about it.

    iv.            Bank can charge lots of money on taking bank services because most of services are online based and it take lots of amount on activation.         v.            There may be problem in accessibility due lacks of communication service when people are in remote areas because there may be poor facility of internet and most of work and services are online based. Banking System (After Digitalization):                        Disadvantages:        I.            All works are Paper based and manual     II.

            There was limited number of services  III.            Service given by bank was comparatively slow and difficult to set up.  IV.            Banking security was not secured.     V.             Banking transaction was slow  VI.

            Remittance services was not introduced. VII.            Takes more time and have to wait long time in queue to deposit money. VIII.            Takes more time to solve any problem if banking error occurred.  IX.

            Takes long time to give information about any services and facility if it was introduced.     X.            Service taker have to go bank if they want to get new services.  XI.            Work are centralized within single head bank.      Advantages:        I.            Most of work are paper based and there was less use of means of communication.

Most of work that are done are within bank so, there was no problem of data hack and data loss of costumer.       II.            All works are mostly done by manually and there was need of more worker so, there was maximum chances of peoples to get job.    III.            There was no any use of software, electronic device and machines so, investment of bank was less for their internal sector. Bank can save their lots of money to make yearly profit.    IV.            People have to be in bank for any services and to solve any queries if any problem occurs.

So, there was good relationship between bank and client.       V.            Since all works are done manually so there was no needs of power like electricity and battery.

So, there was no problem of power cut off during service operation. Banking System (Before digitalization)  Thecase study “Banking System” covers all comparison of banking system beforedigitalization and banking system after digitalization. Here this topicincludes almost all comparison with its merits and demerits that occurs duringthis period. Assessment and Comparative analysis before and afterDigital disruption event                              Banking systemis all process and phases done by bank to run their work like distribution ofloan, money investment, payment of money and all financial transaction. Bank isone of the most important place for all people, company, factory and differenttypes of institution. Banking system will run only at that time when wholeworks will be done in systematic manner.

The ways of banking system wascompletely different in older days for example before a decade all work wasmanual based and process of working was completely slow. All services given bybank comparatively slow then this time. But, now due to digital innovation allworks are easier and service are faster. This case study “Banking System” givesall overview of banking system how all work transform from manual to electronic.

BankingSystem Rastriya Banijya Bank is one of the second oldest bank of Nepal establishedon January 23, 1966. It is one of the most common government bank in Nepal andfirst choice among people. It have bank 179 branches, 17 counters, 93 Branchless Banking (BLB) in Nepal. Rastriya Banijya Bank provides banking service tobank, insurance, Industrial trading, housing, airlines, hotels and education inNepal.

Being a common bank in Nepal its most of services were in paper basedbefore a decade but, now this bank has totally digitalized and using differenttypes of technology to give best services for their costumer like MobileBanking, Internet Banking, Digital locker service, Mobile pay service, ATM/cardetc. Today world is centralized with digitalization due tolots of innovation in Information and Technology. All sectors are usingdifferent type technology as their major field for their business empowerment.In today’s era bank is major sector which is choosing technological innovationand making it in the way of digitalization. Digitalization is making their clienteasier to access different type services available for them and all works willbe faster and secured. Basically, Digitalization is conversion of all data intodigital format which can be run or access through means of computer, mobile anddifferent means of electronic device.Introductionto case: Itis complete case study of digitalization in banking world which is playing avital role to make changes in their business due to use of it.

This case studymainly covered to vital parts. Firstly, work centered analysis (WCA) of acompany before digital disruption event. Secondly, Work centered analysis (WCA)of a company after digital disruption. This case study mostly focus process ofworking that used to occur before implementing digitization and process ofworking after implementing digitalization. This case study also provide a wayto to handle the event and provide an implementation plan for recommendations.1.Introduction: “RastriyaBanijya Bank”BankingSystem  TheCase study “Banking System” is complete case study of bank Rastriya BanijyaBank. This bank is one of the oldest bank and governmental bank of Nepal.

ThisCase study gives whole information how bank run before digitalization and whatare major problem at that time before digitalization and bank performance atthat period. This case study also provide how bank is performing its activitieswhen it takes digitalization as its main part and also benefits and drawback ofdigitalization.Inearlier days (eg.

10 years back) manual work was a part of banking system due tolack of digitalization and all works were done manually. Manual works areespecially slow in process and makes its costumer as big headache in theirdaily life. This case study mainly covers how life were during that days beforeand how works are done in that days.

This case study also includes the way ofservice given to people by bank. But, now in this due to digitalization all theworks and services are done and given electronically. All works and service areonline available for people. Different services like ATM service, OnlineBanking, E-Transaction, mobile banking has made easier for people to dobanking. This case study “Banking System” gives brief description of all work andservices with good example. This Case study try to discuss all about thoseparts which should be recommended and implemented for the bank for its betterfuture development. Case study also includes appendix that includes allinformation in table format which discuss all parts of bank how it is runningafter digitalization and how it was run before digitalization.

Thecase study “Banking system” is completely based on phase moved from manualworld to digitalization. This case study completely covered the part howbanking system moved completely towards digitization which one of the biggestinnovation is in today’s era. Today in 21st century digitalinnovation is one of the great work by human world. All parts are moving towardsmanual world to digital world and especially bank is making as parts ofit.

  Banking service is as a part of lifefor all people for their life and digitalization makes it’s as piece of cakefor them. ExecutiveSummary: