Costumer centric behavior and use of modern technology on
production has led PSA group perform better in this competitive environment.
PSA group has aimed to be an excellent plant as a technology focused company where
most of the activities are done with the help of robotized machines and
innovative technology. For the instant customized solution, costumer expectation
is responded in bespoke manner. Innovative automation solutions help to improve
the working environment and safety of the  employees. PSA production system mainly
incorporated with safety management ,quality ,cost ,environment and time period
for the production. The Factories are extended to the suppliers and integrated
with the excellent supply chain. PSA group manufacturing system is enhanced
through several criteria: a load rate optimized by
compacting; continuous change through the experiment as the demand of the
customers; management autonomy which allows them to decide the best way to
achieve the goals and   maximize process
improvements; and the full integration of suppliers in the supply chain to run the production system smoothly. .(PSA
group 2017)

Similarly PSA group is focusing on the streamlined platform
production .It helps in operational cost reduction and maximum optimization of
outputs .Currently The group has two global platform; EMP2 and CMP The EMP2 is
the car platform for compact and middle size car  with front wheel drive or four wheel drive
.This platform was used in 2013 by PSA group with alliance to general motors.
This helps to reduce the material cost by 70 KG and fuel consumptions by 22 % .The
CMP(common modular platform) developed by PSA group with its Chinese partners
Dongfeng Motors for entry level compact car model with combustion engine and
battery electric car. The CMP platform enabled PSA group to offer electric
vehicle to its customers. .(PSA group 2017)

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The PSA group is giving much more focus on the excellence.
Through the 16 production center and 15 powertrain sites  it is focusing on continuous improvement
through experiment. Group PSA is consecutively using Patents for nine years
with French government by using innovative technology to reduce the environmental
pollution by its vehicles.By using downsize petrol engine and new generation
diesel engine ,PSA group is the pioneer leader in Europe to cut carbon emission.The
group is mainly prioritizing to produce plug in hybrid and electric vehicles.(PSA
group 2017)

In order to develop the commercial relationship eternally
with the customers ,Group PSA have used variety of communication channels and
programs for the customers. by enlarging the global network of dealership and
repairing center, the group can develop good costumer relationship. Incorporating
with its all brands, PSA group is providing financial services and insurance
products for its customers through Banque PSA finance. customers can easily get
the replacement parts through Europe car service network and Group brand
service point. Similarly, PSA group has started second hand vehicle business
based on B2B sales which helps the customers get the brand in cheap price,

Quality is the first pillar of strategic plan of PSA group.
Customer satisfaction is the best way to protect the business over the medium
and long term. Generally, quality is measured in terms of products and services.
In terms of product, Cars are reliable, no abnormal operation and no breakdown
throughout the life of car.(PSA group 2017) The PSA group is committed to
provide high  quality products and after
sales services to meet the costumers requirement and reliability upon the
brands. The strategy of 2016 Push to pass plan is directly linked to customer satisfaction.
(PSA group 2017)