The nine is not no so clear anymore, and the victim identity is harder to classify. In the book, Dunn talks about the victim identity and how hard it is to keep to the expectations when intimately stalked. Dunn gives many examples of victim experiences with their stalkers and the way that the law enforcement and Justice system reacted. The law enforcement and Justice system would react based on the severances of the situation and especially If It fits Into what Is expected. If the vellums in anyway complied to the stalker’s actions, they were hurting themselves. They were o longer believable to the law.

When the victims would interact with the stalker, and give in, the law considered their emotions swayed as well as their allegations. Once this happened the case was no longer taken seriously. This seems unreasonable because once the relationships are ended does not mean that the feelings are too. It is hard to ignore the affectionate feelings and actions that the stalkers show them when stalking. This can sway the victim, especially when gifts are given. This makes the stalker look less threatening and often guards can be let down s shown in the survey with college sorority girls.

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They are playing on the love factor because they know the victim is still emotionally attached to an extent. They have shared Intimate times and often children are Involved making It even harder to stay Cases were also dismissed If women were defensive or showed any away. Physical contact toward stalkers to protect themselves. This seems absurd. In the book the women are obviously only doing all of this because they are thinking about the long run. The law enforcement was of no help and there seemed to be so many pop holes for the stalkers that nothing was ever really accomplished.

The women were living in fear and had no where to turn. It seemed like the obvious answer to the solution to comply. To no would only upset them and lead to more violence and harassment. The women were actually mocked in a way by the court as well as the law enforcement. In the book, there was even an instance where a cop said a women victim was overacting and giving an emotional display. He seemed to be Just gendering the situation and assuming that since a woman was complaining. The fact hat a male cop was handling the situation made a deference too.

Women are supposed to be more emotional and h Just applied that assumption. If a female cop had handled it there could have been maybe some difference. I tank Tanat one reason Tanat ten women seemed to De Electorates Ana not Delve when they reacted back was that women are not suppose to be aggressive. This went against the gender roles as well as the expected victim identity. Men on the other hand were supposed to be aggressive and sometimes it Just cannot be controlled. Here it is no different.

The love for the victim has taken over and their aggression to claim what is theirs cannot be controlled until they have power over it again. The fact that most of the time that women are victims doesn’t help either. Women are supposed to be quiet, passive, and less powerful Just as victims are supposed to be. Another disturbing fact about the stalking is that there are suppose to be all these programs that are set up to help women. With all of these programs you would think that more of the stalking cases presented would actually be supported and proven.

The stalkers should be help responsible for their actions and put in Jail. This seems to not be the case though. The women are Just overlooked and seen as overacting. Also with all the attention that is now brought to women’s empowerment, why are they still supposed to be meek and defensiveness when they are a victim. Self- defense is such a key idea when threatened, but with stalking the women are still expected to be subtle and hold back even if there is a possibility for being hurt. The whole victim identity seems to be contradicting current society movements for women.