In this case, Caligula has been positioned as the beer for Colombian people. Therefore, they have always emphasized their communications In typical Colombian celebrations where passion and happiness are the most Important aspects. Furthermore, Caligula has been for decades the official sponsor of the national soccer team, creating a very patriotic brand which has gained people s respect as well as their trust.

However, although this positioning has been already successful, and there is definitely a special bond between the brand and the Colombian people, we consider that Caligula is perceived much more as the beer for the common folk instead of the whole Colombian population. Taking this into account, we would focus our communications towards colander’s common Toll Ana try to make reticence to ann. and special moments in order to attract their attention and provide a pleasant ad.

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The main idea is to increase Caligula s presence in almost every festivity all over Colombia in coherence with the desire of creating a special bond with the common folk. This implies an important effort with the advertising agency in order to create significant campaigns and help generating even more confidence by letting people know that when there is a celebration Caligula will be present as their first option to celebrate.

With this, we will strengthen the concept that Caligula is the beer for the Colombian common folk and the precise desired result is increasing their top of mind. To communicate that Carve Caligula is the beer for the common folks. * It has always been part of the most important national events (cultural and folkloric events). * It has been Colombians national soccer team principal sponsor bringing together all the different regions and people. * It has been the traditional beer between the common Colombian people for more than 100 years.

It has reached towns all over the country which gives the opportunity to Colombians common folk to consume this beer wherever and whenever they want. * People looking to have fun sports (test, soccer, biking, etc. ) * Pipeline * Good quality * Traditional taste * Accessible price * Available all over the Colombian territory * Different presentations * We must include the Caligula logo and the pack shot in the printed ad pieces. We must include the necessary legal texts in the printed ad pieces.