Aegean civilization developed flourishing culture as a direct result of trade and commerce on the Aegean Sea
a bureaucratically administered state
Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia are essentially different in.


protecting the agricultural interests of the south
Hamilton’s Financial Plan favored…

France agreed with the ideals as set forth in the Declaration of Independence
Which is LEAST likely reason the French aided the English colonies during the AMerican Revolution.
state legislature
John C. Calhoun proposed the Doctrine of Nullification in opposition to the high protective tariffs passed by Congress in 1832. The doctrine threatened the stability of the new nation. According to the doctrine of Nullification, the power to declare an act of Congress unconstitutional rested with the..

During Civil War, military strategies of the North was based on geographically dividing the South at the…
Miss River
President Johnson vetoed numerous Radical Republican congressional acts.

Which is true regarding Andrew Johnson’s presidency during Reconstruction?
Federalist, Democratic, Whig, Republican
Proper chronological order based on the emergence of each as a national party in the U.S.?
Invention of Barbed Wire
Most revolutionary impact on economic development of the American West during 19th Century.
Northern and Western Europe
Majority of Immigrants from 1840-1880 (old immigration)
Eastern, Central, and Southern Europe
New immigration 1890
completion of the transcontinental railroad
In decades immediately PRECEDING civil war.

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..this was NOT reason for growth.

CA had the greatest # of Indians in N.


Which accurately describes CA Indians prior to European Contact?
treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo which ended the Mexican War (handed all lands of Texas and Pacific West)
How US got CA from Mexico
acorn nuts
food for Indians in the foothill region of CA
temporary resolution to the free state/slave state controversary
discovery of gold in CA resulted in statehood in 1850 changed the political landscape of the US because
central valley and western slopes of Sierra NV
many native CA trives were regionally located…
passage of civil rights legislation
Hiram Johnson elected, the Progressive Movement FAILED to achieve reforms in.


CA native who became 36th President
Valley Quail
CA official bird
CA flower
greatest CA population growth
The Octopus
railroad industry and negative impact of monopolies on CA citizens
Chavez political reform
Unionizationof migrant farmers (Union Farm Workers)
CA Indians from coastal (very few Indians ate meat)
the legal basis for the escalation of the US involvement in Vietnam war
passage of the gulf of tonin resolution by congress
first groups of people
paleolithic peoples-agricultural revolutionSumerias in Mesopotamia-system of writing, Nile, Egyptians, Israelites (SE Asia)
Phoenicia MesopotamiaAssyriaPersiaEgypt
trading empire, irrigation/flood control, alphabetworldwide communication systemiron-making, temples, arch, dome, wheelarchitecture, standing armybronze making
iron plow, zero, decimals, patriarchal, monarchylegalism, broze casting, crossbow, paper, iron plowshare, silk, patri and monarch
Rule of Zhou
overthrew the Shang dynasty and longest lasting dynasty; great wall of China was built to keep out enemies.
Greek Military
defeated Persian militaryFour groups: Minoans, Myceneans, Spartans, AtheniansRomans crushed Hannibal & Won second Punic WarAgustus first empireConstantine created ChristianityGermanic tribes defeated Rome and Empire fell
Early Islam
irrigation, astrolabe, algebra, paper, trade route, expansion into Africa, Asia, Europe, translated greek philosophers, medical textbook
Kingdom of Mali
great trading city society in W.


China Dynasties
Sui, Tan, Song; Mongols
Yamato, Fujiwara clans; Kamakura shogunate; Ashikaga family
Korea Dynasties
Koryo & Yi
Mahmud, Timur Lenk
SE Asia
Vietnam-emperors, Angkor-Jayavarman; Thailand & Burma-kings
French Religious Wars of 16th Century
Protestant Calvinists against Catholics: 30 years War, social/economic crises, plague, absolutism, divine right of king
Peter the Great
modernize Russia, men and women, western cultures, book
Louis XIV
strengthened absolute monarch in France, limited religion, nobles and princes made to court life, bribed people
Philip II
resented English tolerance of Protestants, Catholic, lost wars
two German states
Prussia-army, Austria-no common culture
Act of Supremacy
Spanish armada defeated by england in 1588; tudor monarchs brougth stability and prosperity to England
East Asian World (1400-1800)QingEmperor Yong Le
Ming and Qing, blue and white porcelain & new literary forms, Europeans were barbariansQing-top imperialism countryRebuilt Imperial City
French RevolutionCommittee of Public Safety Napolean Bonaparte
1789-1815: Fall of BastilleBegan Reign of TerrorCreated the French Empire
French Revolution (Estates-General)Great FearDeclaration of Rights
Created National Assemblyadoption of reforms-nobility in the National Assemblyliberal beliefs
Muslim Conquerorstrade/arts flourished
-Captured Europe and Asia with firearms-Religion established Ottoman, Safavid, & Mogul Empires
-conquered Constantinople-rugs, jewelry, pottery, mosques-trade with privileged-Sunni Muslim religion; tolerance-women can own property, social restrictions, government
-allied with Europeans against Ottomans-Persian/Turkish carpets-geography-limited trade-Shiite Muslim; religious orthodoxy-women social restrictions & veils
-conquered India, battled Persians/Brits-architecture/painting-emperor controlled semi-independent states-traded with Europeans-Muslim, Hindu, religious tolerance, women as warriors, landowners, business, govt
March of VersaillesReign of TerrorBattle of TrafalgarInvasion of Russia
-Return of Louis XVI to Paris-Fall of Robespierre & established Directory-Safety of Great Britain & Continental System-Downfall of Napolean
Industrial Revolution (mass society and democracy)
-Russians opposed liberalism & nationalism-Science had greater impact on people-Italy Unified-Conservatives suppressed nationalism-higher quality iron-railroads-Germany emerged as great empire-steam and coal-Romanticism & Realism were opposite styles
2nd Industrial Revolution (both revolutions 1870-1914)
-steamship-increased production of goods, true world economy-mass politics-socialism and marxism to form unions-women-equal rights-new art movements and scientific ideas changed perceptions of world-nationalism/imperialism created WWI and pissed off Balkans-growth of nationalism led to antisemitism
1800-1914-height of imperialism
-competition of Europeans for Africa-Brits brought order to to India-Christian missionaries-diamond/gold-Cecil Rhodes gained control of north Transvaal-Ferdinand de Lesseps finished Suez Canal-King Leopold II of Belgium-Congo Basin-US opens Panama Canal-British East India Company/Afrikaners-US-Monroe Doctrine-British fought Afrikaners-Boer War
British secured trade in China; Commodore Perry sailed to Japan & invaded Manchuria-Qing collapsed-Open Door Policy
Imperialism (3):-Tai Pin Rebellion
-China; Sat-Cho leaders demand resignation of Japan-Boxer Rebellion-Meiji gov in Japan, constitution-Sun Yat-sen Republic of China
Triple Entente
france, gb, USA, Russia
Triple Alliance
germany, austria-hungary, italy
Peace of Paris
germany’s reparation, military reduction, territorial losses
France Popular Front
French New Deal after Roosevelt’s New Deal: worker’s rights
fascists to power
dictator of soviet union; communist party of old bolsheviks
werner karl heisenberg
uncertainty principle: uncertainty of life by WWI
balfour declaration
changed 80% of muslim palestine into jewish homelandchian kai-shek against mao zedongkey oil fields in persian golf in 1938
Chian Kai-Shek positioned his nationalists against who
Ma Zedong’s communists (Key oil fields discovered in Persian Gulf)
Decline of Ottoman Empire resulted in…
new Arab states
China 1923.


nationalists and communists formed an alliance to oppose the warlords and drive the imperialist powers out
1939-1945 (Hitler started with his philosophy of Aryan superiority)
involved 4 continents-Total War
attacked Ethiopia, formed Rome-Berlin Axis-became German puppet state
took over Austira, Poland and Sudetenland, formed Rome-Berlin Axis, Signed Anti-Comintern act, blitzkrieg tactics, genocide, Besieged Leningrad
Seized Manchuria and renamed it Manchukuo, invaded China, Signed Anti-Comintern Pact, Pearl Harbor, Conquered SE Asia, Indochina to Philippines.

WWII-Soviet Union
took Kuril, Sakhalin Islands, Eastern Europe, met with allies at Tehran, Yalta, & Potsdam, stopped Rommel at El Alamein, Withstood heavy German bombin.
Retook Japanese positions in SE Asia, relaxed neutrality acts, met with allies at Tehran, Yalta and Potsdam, led war effort, Island hopping, counterattacks, dropped atomic bombs on Japan
ColdWar and Post WWII Changes
1945-1970 (Greece, Berlin, Korea, Cuba, Vietnam)
PW-Greece (1944-49)
Civil war erupted, Great Britain aided forces against communism, US creates Truman Doctrine
Berlin (1949)
Soviets and western powers divided Germany, airlifted supplies to Soviet blockaded West Berlin, Blockade was lifted
Korea (1950-53)
Civil war began when N invaded S, UN forced fight to save SK from Commun, US extended military alliances around the world.
Berlin (1961)
Refuges escaped from east to west, soviets built berlin wall, became symbol of divided Germ
Cuba (1962)
Soviets supported Castro’s totalitarian regime in Cuba, US invaded Bay of Pigs, Soviets placed nuclear misssles in Cuba, US blockaded CUba, Soviets withdrew missiles, hotline was established between Moscow and DC.
Vietnam (1964-1973)
Civil war erupted between s and n, us prevents NV from taking over SV, US withdrew from Vietnam and it became communist again
Western World Conflicts
-Serb forces carried out an ethnic cleansing of Muslims -terrorism became a regular aspect -Soviet troops crushed reform in Czech-Nicolae Ceausescu was arrested and executed
Western World Change
Soviets adopt perestroika under Gorbachev-Lech Walesa first freely elected pre of an eastern European Nation (Poland) in 40 years-national debt in US triples during Reagan, Barack, TV, media
Western World Regionalism
Ethnic Ablabanians declared Kosovo an independent province-Bosnia Serbs fought Bosnia Muslims and roats-German youth attack immigrants-Protestants and Catholics in N. Ireland go crazy
Western World Cooperation
-British women protest nuclear weapons-Collapse of Berlin Wall-Soviets and US signed the INF Treaty
Earth Summit met in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 so…
examine challenges to environment and solutions, nations enact recycling