Research Topic 1. 0 Topic A study of corporate social responsibility and its benefits in Starbucks. 2. 0 Rationale CSR is one of the most popular issues in companies today. It not only affects society but also the company in a positive way. Most top companies practice some sort of CSR. CSR can be practiced in a variety of ways and we will look into these different methods in this project. 2. 1 Company Background Starbucks is based in Seattle, Washington but have grown and have outlets all over the world.

Michelli (2007) documented that today, Starbucks has stores in over 37 countries, averages more than 35 million customers visits each week, and has loyal patrons who typically return 18 times a month. Starbucks is famous for its coffee, lattes and espresso. 2. 3 Research Questions 1. To identify the role of CSR in the corporate environment today. 2. To examine the CSR input of Starbucks and how it has affected Starbuck’s popularity. 3. To consider what more can be done by Starbucks in order to improve its CSR 3. Literature Review There are a few definitions of Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR henceforth. One definition given by Mullins (2007 : 542), The comprehensive approach organisations take to meet or exceed the expectations of stakeholders beyond such measures such as revenue, profit and legal obligations. It covers community investment, human rights and employee relations, environmental practices and ethical conduct. In other words, CSR is doing things voluntarily for the society and not because of a legal obligation.

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