I Direct eye contact only among equals or to lower embers of a hierarchy. People of the same gender can touch, but touching of the opposite sex Is extremely sensitive. In certain areas, dress for women Is very formal and they are required to cover their faces In public at all times, especially if they are married. I Normally start meetings about each other’s families out of courtesy and to show that they care about one another. It is often considered rude to bluntly say “no” to anything, so business men will search for substitutes to appease there business partners.

I Pakistan: Its a benefit that they tend to have a mix of direct and indirect communication strategies, so people are able to use what communication best suites the situation or business at hand. Seniority is of the most importance and held in the highest respect for business and the workplace. South Korea: The formal communication that had come to be expected by this culture Is to be taken very seriously and adhered to when doing business. It’s important for especially visitors conducting business to know this and important details like hand gestures to be used, and not used.

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Perth: It’s important for visitors conducting business not to seem o up-tight or formal when speaking to others. Face-to-face communication Is preferred, along with a relaxed atmosphere. These tools will help to assist in developing healthy, productive working relationships. I South Korea, Asia I Verbal communication during business meetings is very formal, almost all of the time. Communication between individuals and In groups is saturated with Information and very efficient. Generally, Koreans are known to have more of an aggressive speaking style. I Had different hand gestures than other cultures (I. E. Hey will point will all fingers instead of Just one out of politeness). Try not to display emotions in public because it’s considered weak or an embarrassment. Do not touch very much; they limit It as much as possible. I Hierarchy Is very Important and respected in business. The person with the most seniority has the most say during any meeting and they are taken the most seriously. Periods of silence while conducting business are not considered rude or uncomfortable. I I Perth, Australia I Face-to-face verbal communication Is preferred. A little humor makes for more comfortable conversation and goes a long way.

Shy away from immediate heavy discussions; Australians like to keep the conversation light for the most part. I Varies, but they are Tambala Ana sensitive Walt tone Ana Day language. One snouts usually stand at an arm’s length for everyone to be comfortable when speaking face-to-face. Direct eye contact is important and used in gauging honestly, knowledge and trustworthiness. I Tend to dress a little more formally at the place of work. Supervisors and managers tend to be referred to by their first name by employees, unless the supervisor is a senior. People are respected for the most part by their education and background experience. I