The tour was dubbed the cultural event and so this paper serves as the report to the event. Most of the students had viewed the museum as a place where people would go to eave fun and relax themselves but this day was different. We were here to learn and acculturate ourselves with the events in the museum. The museum had a lot of academic information which was highly helpful to us and we came to find out at the end of the day that it was a worthy trip after all.

In the museum we felt entertained by the various components and the diverse cultural representation was yet another educational feature that we found very much useful to us In our academic work. The organization was perfect as on our arrival we were welcomed by the museum assistants who gave us leaflets that had all the information on what the museum contained. This gave us a head start as we were fully aware of what we were going to see and we had some sort of direction as a result. The tour around at least was going to be guided by the leaflets that we were issued with on arrival.

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I en museum was primarily leave Into two Stetsons ten one wilt n ten cultural paraphernalia and the other with literatures from around the world. Cultural paraphernalia section was major made up of ornaments which were drawn from various parts of the world. The ornaments varied from bangles, earrings and necklaces used by various communities around the world. These ornaments helped to preserve various cultures within the museum as through them one was able to understand the past cultures and how they were making their ornaments.

The most striking thing in this section was the heavy necklaces that were used by the Mammas from Kenya and it was said at the museum that they still use them to date. We hoped that one day we would go to Kenya and see the Mammas. In this section too was an ancient larger than normal coin which was displayed for visitors to see. This coin was eave, big and differed a lot with the current currency coins used today in the world. This was a nice site to behold. The second part of our tour took us to the world literature section.

In this section we stumbled upon historical collections and where they were recorded in books, journals and old newspapers. The history of our country was presented here as it was. This meant that within the museum it was possible for one to learn and read on any major event that has shaped the country. It was even more interesting to read the unedited work as the museum presented the original work of the initial authors. This meant that the information from the museum was never distorted information but the correct account of events.

The original quotes of the famous people in the country were also displayed Just as they said them without any alteration. The likes of Martin Luther King Junior had their speeches here and it was Just an amazing site. In totality, the museum tour was a success and the lessons learnt from the tour were and would still be beneficial to the learners who attended it. The culture of our country was catered for and the museum also served as the entertainment point for the entire class.