Cultural Impacts:

  Since Greece
culture is a very strong part of Santorini, especially since it is such a
famous tourist destination. One of the motives of tourists is to go to Greece
to experience how is it like to be in Greece, learn their etiquette and eat
Greek typical food. Moreover, as it known that Greece is the birthplace of
Western culture but also the democracy, they introduced many things into the
society in general, including the government by the residents, trial by jury
and equality under laws. Greek culture played a large role in Western art,
poetry, history and comedy as is started from Greece. These cultural impacts
are an important part of both modern and past aspects of Greek culture.

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Social Impacts:

  Culture is
probably getting lost due to the great influx of people from other cultures. There
is a possibility for disputation among locals for land used for tourism
purposes.  Can lead to immigration to
Greece or could cause immigration from Greek people to other places.
Friendships are formed and social connections also, because of the various
businesses-hotels, restaurants and activities that exists in Santorini from


Economic Impacts:

  Like more other
tourist destinations, tourism played huge role in the economy of the place and
for the income that the locals have. The unique characteristics of the houses
but also the volcano, the view of the ocean and many other attractions, brings
many tourists that want to spend money to experience this, and therefore brings
income to the locals. That can be characterized as a positive impact of the
economy. On the other hand, the great influx of tourists onto a small island,
can be a great annoyance and pain to the locals. These large numbers of
visitors can affect the natural resources of the island, and therefore affect
the economy in a negative way.




Environmental Impacts

  The environment is
affected negatively of the new infrastructure that include hotels, tourism
attractions and shops to satisfy the needs of the tourists. This development
can lead to destruction of many of the native plans and animal’s habitats. Of
course, the development of hotels and accommodation generally affects
positively the economy but it destroys the natural beauty.

  Santorini is a
volcanic island, and therefore earthquakes is a great concern for the safety
indicators. The last huge earthquake in 1956, damaged parts of hotels and
tourist attractions but also a slight damage of reputation. Once ‘safe’
desination created doubt in potential tourist’s mind if is a safe place to



  Santorini is having lack of
sustainable resources because of the large amount of tourists. More tourism
requires more space for accommodation. That leads to pollution problems either
for their transportation either for their wastes. Greece is not very
financially wealthy to support new sustainable practices. Parts of the island
is overpopulated and the prices are going even higher.