Culture can be defined
as a set of values, shared attitudes, goals and practices that defines a
particular group of people. The presence of several distinct cultural and
ethnic groups is what we term as Multi-culturalism. There is always a need to
advance multiculturalism interaction because the world has become a global
village and people from different part of the world interact with each every

Miscommunication exists
due to the difference in race, ethnicity, religion and lifestyle. The world is
now a global village which is making organizations and workplaces increase the
need for advancing multi-cultural interaction and understanding how culture
affect communication. There are several ways to advance multi – cultural
interactions and understanding multi culturalism.

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One of the best ways to
improve multi culturalism is to Keep
an open mind and respect diversity. Since globalization has made the world a
small village, it is very important to learn about the values and customs of
other cultures without pronouncing judgement on them or been bias. By doing
this it does not affect our own culture or affect our beliefs, but it rather
helps to admit that culture norms affects values and conducts, and also helps
how to interpret other cultures. Stereotypes must be avoided since the action
of some people of a particular tribe does not describe all individuals in that

identify and adapt to culture differences. Whenever two or more cultures are
involved in an activity, we should try and learn the culture of the other group
involved in the activity that differs from our own culture. Examples of
cultural differences we can easily learn and adopt are facial expressions,
conversation distance and way of greetings. Identifying and adapting to
cultural difference makes interaction with other culture easy without offending
the other. 

Avoid cultural
relativism and ethnocentrism. Cultural relativism is when beliefs, norms,
practices, values of a particular culture are compared to other cultures and
judged or evaluated against other cultures. Ethnocentrism is when an individual
or a group of people see their culture as superior as compared to other
cultures. It is obvious
people get use to values and norms of the culture in which they are born into,
and this makes them develop a perception that their culture is the best. If
society or individuals experience other culture without trying to be
ethnocentric, they will discover that the thought patterns associated with
their birth culture and the meanings their birth culture attaches to behaviors
are not appropriate for the new culture