Cumulation of urbanisation in India has
made the automobiles much affordable than past, resulting in elevated traffic
and congestion in major parts of the country. According to a recent study, an
average Indian spends bare minimum of 90 minutes a day to commute from his/her
place of stay to the place of their work. The major cause for this can be
attributed to the congestions at the peak places of a city. We present a
sustainable, robust and technological solution to reduce the congestion and
thus helping commuters spend as less time as possible.

We propose a module consisting of Ultrasonic vehicle detector, able to
count number of vehicles passing by a road before reaching the next
intersection. The data from the detector is transmitted real time to the
control unit room. Based on the number of vehicles reaching a particular
junction, the traffic lights are controlled dynamically. With this system, the
number of vehicles reaching a particular junction is known beforehand. If a
particular road in a junction is expected to receive more vehicles than others,
the roads extending from that road will get a green signal, thus reducing
congestion. Ultrasonic sensors
generate distance data by measuring the time taken to receive reflected
ultrasonic waves. The time is directly proportional to the distance between the
ultrasonic sensor and the detection object. The efficiency of the ultrasonic
sensor used in the vehicle detector is found to be 97% 1. 

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Such ultrasonic vehicle detectors are to be installed at every junction
of the city so as to maximise the efficiency and the accuracy of the entire
system. Control room for this traffic management system receives data from all
over the city, processes it and sends real time signals to each traffic light
system. This entire module
improvises the existing traffic control units’ efficiency in managing traffic
bounds and leaps which otherwise work under a loop of fixed time interval,
without considering the real time traffic data.