Many teens think this is unfair and unconstitutional. My personal opinion on this topic is that it will definitely decrease the rate of vandalism on personal property, stores, etc. First of all, with this curfew teens will be in their homes or someone else’s homes by 11 PM which I’m sure will decrease the rate of Andalusia after hours.

Some teens will vandalize property after hours because the friends are doing it and they think they will not get caught. Some examples of common vandalism is: graffiti, break windows, etc. By keep most teens in after 11 will keep businesses, personal property safe and most of all keep kids out of trouble. In Dalton, this curfew will keep kids off the streets at unreasonable hours and keep them safe.

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If kids are safely In their moms by a reasonable hour they will not get into trouble by fights, vandalism and whatnot. If teens get into less trouble that means a better reputation for the town and the town could possibly suspend the curfew law because of that. Even though the curfew law might be gone It mightn’t Installed a new sense of quality family time. Also, this curfew would make kids spend more time with their Tamales . By spelling more tale Walt n tenet Tamales tens means less crime on the street.

I’m not trying to say that only teens commit crimes because adult certainly participate in law breaking too but there is a large percentage of teens who do commit them. In conclusion, I think that the curfew law is a good idea and will make the town and kids look better. Going over what I said in my essay is less crime, keeping kids safe, and more quality time with their families. How could you disagree with all those points? After all you know what they say, Nothing good ever happens in the night.