______ is King of ______. C.
Cymbeline, Britain.
Cymbeline is married to_______.
The Queen.
The Queen is _________ stepmom and her son _______ is betrothed to her as she is Cymbeline’s daughter.
Imogen’s, Cloten.
Imogen loves __________ ward of Cymbeline. An they secretly get married.
________ is Posthumus’ servent who is left behind with Imogen after his master is banished to ______.
Piasino. Italy.
_____ makes a bet with Posthumus that he can seduce Imogen.
After shit goes down and Imogen dresses as a man in the Welsh wilderness she gets lost and runs into_______ and ______ who were kidnapped by _______ when they were babies.
Guiderius, Arvirigus, Belarius.
Guiderius is named ______ by Belarius.
Arvirigus is named _______ by Belarius.
______ was banished from Cymbeline’s court, and as revenge stole his sons.
________ is the Ambassador for _______. And attacks Britain.
Caius Lucius, Rome.
______ kills Cloten.