So Corona helps Christian get Roseanne by writing poems for Christian to make him seem smarter because he wants o see Roseanne happy because love makes people sacrifice a lot of things even their own happiness. The theme love makes people sacrifice a lot is transmitted with a lot of evidence. Corona first starts dealing with the internal conflict, whether or not to tell Roseanne that he loves her when she says ” And such a man he Is proud – noble- young – brave – beautiful. Corona: Beautiful Roseanne: What’s the matter? Corona: Nothing-this-my sore hand” (Roasted 63).

Corona loves Roseanne, so much that he is not going to confess is love to her so she can be happy with the other man she loves. Not to mention when Corona promised to defend Christian from the other guards because Christian is not a real Season and all because Roseanne asked him too “Oh well – I will defend your little Baron” (65). The only reason Corona Is doing this Is because he loves Roseanne and he Is sacrificing his time and his happiness defending Christian , Corona would have torn him to shreds. Besides this there is still many things Corona sacrificed for Roseanne.

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A couple of other ways the theme is portrayed is how Christian changes. When Christian is telling Corona to tell Roseanne that Corona has been writing the letters has changed ” I want her love… Let her choose one of us” (165). Christian is willing to sacrifice all that he has worked for Just to make sure Roseanne Is happy does not matter who with. Also when he first was trying to stop the charade he does not know how to do it so he tries to wing the poems Corona wrote and it causes Roseanne start to see who he really is ” You don’t love me anymore” (105).

He almost sacrificed all that he has worked for by trying to do stuff on his own he is trying to make Roseanne happy own his own but not really doing well. These are only some of the ways he has changed These are just some examples from text there are many more examples that support this theme. All of this shows that people make a lot sacrifices for love. Both Corona and Christian changed and made sacrifices for Roseanne who they fell in love with. Roasted,Edmond. Corona De Berger. New York:Modern Library, 1951. Print.