It is also harder to tolerate in the older group of children, as hey do know better whether they have been taught by parent or teacher and choose to play the card anyway. However; I do not commonly stress over these Issues, as I feel lives really any of my business, and their choices are not affecting me personally. Select three different hassle events you have assigned a score of at least 2 (hassle event occurs occasionally). What biological, psychological, and social Impacts do the three selected hassle events have on you when they occur?

How can you reduce or eliminate stress caused by the events when they occur? The 3 most common stresses in my life that were rated at a 2, because I o not put that much effort in to losing sleep over them, are bills, boredom, and relationship annoyances. Bills are forever going to be a part of our lives, some times It feels Like I stretch the dollar enough, but I do my best. My Husband Is the one who likes to spend; this is a part of his depression. I let him do it to a degree and then I have to step in and remind him that there is more to life than his UN- necessary toys.

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I worry a little, but not enough to seek medical attention. Always make sure things are taken care of. I never knew If my parents were struggling, my kids either. Boredom is the second mediocre stresses. Our children are 5, 8 and 12. You cannot be spontaneous with young children. This can get obnoxious after weeks of the same things happening every single day. Fortunately my Husband likes to frequent Concerts, and that Is when we get to have our fun. In fact, for Christmas my daughter and I got tickets from him to see Lady Gaga in Sacramento.

This is super exciting and right in the middle of the work week this month! Talk about a break from the norm! Usually if my week is feeling a little too repetitive, I take a different route to work, I buy myself a coffee, I stop by my Husbands work to say HI fore I begin my day, I order Chinese for dinner Instead of cooking, little things Like that. Last but not least, relationship annoyances. My Husband and I are Trend people. So much so, Tanat I am really uncle rattan as to now we nave mace It this far.

We have very few similar interests except for each other. I think this particular interest is what keeps us going; somehow our differences create a balance. A serious person, more of a Joker, very lenient, more strict, logical, he know what that means, etc. He struggles (or should I say we? ) with depression. He is on a different medication every year. It help that he even notice hen he is acting up, oblivious to his own bad attitude. He gets grumpy and sleeps all of the time, every thing annoys him, and negative and crass.

I usually take extra long trips to the grocery store on these days and influence him to the best of my ability to take a nap and go to the gym, as these things make him happy on a regular basis. I beat myself up over it anymore because I know there is a glitch in his system. Eight years ago I had no idea I would be able to tolerate his mood swings, but amazing what you adjust to when there are more pros than cons. Identify at least one system in your life that provides support for the social aspect of the biophysically model. How does that social support system respond when you are under stress?

In what way does it help promote your overall (psychological and physical) health or healthy behaviors? My social support system has always been my Dad. He sees everything in its entirety and can help me look at it this way when it seems like but honestly, it never is When I am upset about something I shoot him an email and he responds in a timely fashion, with his words of wisdom, and I always feel better. He is so intelligent in every aspect, and I love that we can think so much alike, e understand one another and I have been there for him in his moments as well. ? Are any examples of stress events in the table, or any other stress events you can think of, good for your health or performance? Explain. Stress is like an to a problem. If there really is something wrong we should ultimately respond to it in a way that will benefit us and keep us from over worrying or losing sleep. For instance, if you realize that you are $100 short in the bank and there are still checks out that have not cleared, you get paid in 2 days, but that be enough time to keep those checks from bouncing, you can do en of 2 things.

A: you can panic, about to have 3 checks bounce and with each check comes a $25 bank fee, you will be in over your head right? Or, you can swallow your pride and go to a dollar loan center and put those hundred dollars in your bank to keep you above water while you wait for your pay check. You are really only out $10 when you get paid. I always take a deep breath and think it over first. Can I do? What if I do it this And then I choose a solution. Over stressing, lashing out, making things harder than they should be, these things have never benefited anyone, and they make you age.