The D’AmoreMcKim Schools of Business at the Northeastern University has graduate business programs, both full-time and part-time. These business programs offer real business experience and have exceptional academics.

The D’AmoreMcKim’s business programs last 24 months and give the students advanced knowledge in the business area and in their careers, as well as giving them a chance to gain experience in the real world. The most successful companies in the world seek candidates who have great communication skills, are self-aware of their leadership skills and know how to manage big companies. This MBA program offers all this and more such as improving the students’ overall skills, increasing their confidence and helping them to become outstanding people. The beginning of every program is in September.

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The MBA that D’Amore-McKim offers combines the much needed practical experience in the business area together with a powerful academic program. The students can receive their specialization and become experts in fields like Marketing, Operations and Supply Chain Management or Finance. These are the key fields that everyone needs to know for managing a successful business and world-leading companies value exactly these skills.

The program also offers a corporate residency that lasts for 6 months. With this, students get the chance to work full-time at high level positions and get paid for that. With these opportunity, students get the chance to interact live with successful executives, take responsibility for their initiatives and the budget work, manage projects that are important for the company and create their own professional network.

There is also an MS for Accounting and this MBA degree is full-time and created for majors in liberal arts and non-accounting. This program lasts 15 months and students get the opportunity for a well paid internship at an accounting firm that lasts for 3 months. This program starts in June.

The School of Business D’AmoreMcKim also has part-time programs. They are High Tech MBA, Executive MBA and Evening MBA. The Evening MBA is the most flexible and there are 2 beginning periods in the year for this program, January and September. The High Tech MBA is created for tech-savvy professionals. It is 21 months long. The Executive program is 16 months long and is focused globally.

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