What is the name of the author and title of one of David’s books?
Frog and Toad are Friends by Arthur Lobel
Where does David’s Dad always promise to take him when he gets home from work?
The video store
Why does Catherine have “rules” for David?
Because he doesn’t think the same way that a lot of people do and Catherine has made up rules to help him function more “normally” in the world.
Where does Catherine meet Jason?
The clinic where David goes for occupational therapy.
What is Catherine’s hobby?
What is the gift that Catherine gives Jason for his birthday?
A guitar
How does Jason communicate?
He points to pictures in a communication book
What is David’s disability?
He is autistic
What does Catherine make for Jason?
Word cards for his communication book
What is Catherine’s father’s profession?
He is a pharmacist
What does Catherine want to be when she grows up?
An artist
What types of animals does Catherine have as pets?
Guinea pigs and fish
What does Jason ask Catherine to help him to do?
Take him outside to run
Why does Catherine’s mother object to David and Catherine repeating lines from Arnold Lobel’s Frog and Toad series?
She wants David to use his “own words”.