My experience at saddlebags bowling lanes As part of our assignment David and I went to a deaf event at Saddlebags Lanes. As I arrived at saddlebags bowling lanes I was feeling a bit nervous and scared thinking how everyone else was going to know more than me at sign language. Once I was there, I got to meet some of my classmates, they were really nice and friendly. We were practicing our sign as we got to know each other.

We helped each other out and I felt better because we were all in the same page not too advance. At times I would get nervous and forget some words because I wasn’t used to having people looking at me when I’d sign. I finally got the chance to meet Mrs.. Tamer she Is really nice, funny, and helpful, she makes sign language piece of cake. I TLD get the chance to meet Mrs.. Penny and her friend, but I notice they were very warm and they always smiled.

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I notice If they saw you trying to sign, It made the teachers very happy and willing to socialize with you. In general, I often see deaf people always so kind, sweet and very appreciative about everything and that is one of the reasons I wanted to learn sign language. I plan to take sign language 2 after my sing language 1 class is over, this would really help me improve my sing language. I would defiantly attend another deaf event in the future.