Dean Witherspoon,


            I deeply regret to be writing this letter under such unfortunate circumstance. I received an email from your office notifying me that I have been dismissed from the law school due to my first-semester performance. This letter did not come as a surprise, but I am truly dissatisfied with myself because I know I am capable of doing better. I do not mean to make any excuse for my underwhelming grades, but last semester was very difficult for me. Adjusting to law school was a challenging task for me nevertheless not impossible. The beginning of my semester was very promising, except that my wife separated with me in October after the loss of our baby, which was emotionally challenging for me. I struggled with balancing my school work and my personal life because my ex-wife was financially supporting my family. Therefore, it became my sole responsibility to fill the void that she left. During this time, I had to make a three and half hour drive to Miami back in forth every other weekend to ensure that household matters were being taken care of. Even when I was studying and doing my school work I could not help but to be distracted by the problems I was dealing with in my personal life back home.  

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             I assure you that over the winter break all of these issues have been resolved and I have made arrangements with my family to cope with the difficulties we have been facing. I have the full support of my family and friends to ensure my success for the remainder of my academic career here at Barry University. I love Barry University; it would mean so much to me to be given the opportunity to remain a student here and graduate with a law degree from this institution. I now understand that I should have spoken to my professors and adviser to inform them of the situation. Instead of suppressing the issue and thinking I could deal with it while juggling law school. I have made several arrangements to guarantee my success if I am reinstated. I have also scheduled appointments with all my professors to review my exams to receive feedback on how I can improve my grades. My torts professor, Schinasi, has agreed to confirm a date to meet with me next week, I am scheduled to meet with contracts professor, Dubner, tomorrow January 11th, and my property professor, Freeman and civil procedure professor, Jonassen has agreed to meet with me Thursday January 18th. I have also scheduled a meeting with the school therapist to ensure this does not happen again. Upperclassmen Matthew McCaleb (407-760-3613, [email protected]) is even willing to tutor me to fill in the gaps, and provide me with a better understanding of the material. Although, I received a D+ in Contracts I, C in Property I; and C- for Civil Procedure I, and Torts I these grades are not entirely irreversible. I am willing to make the necessary adjustments to make a quick turnaround. I can assure you that I am more dedicated to my success here at the law school than my grades may be reflecting at this time. My grades are not a product of a student who is unwilling to engage his or herself to their success and committing to do the necessary work to be efficacious. I done the work; my outlines and case briefs attached with this petition can serve as evidence of this. Please understand that the outcome of this semester is a one-time occurrence I am not a bad student. My poor GPA that led to my dismissal is a product of me trying my best to manage family burdens in my first semester of law school. Please consider reinstating me to the University so I may have another opportunity to accomplish my dream of becoming a successful attorney.