Dear Parents,These objects I hold closest to me both physical and intangible hold great meaning in my life and shape me as a person. My tangible object that I hold closest is my Lego, Kit Fisto keychain. Weighing no more than an ounce, the keychain bares no weight to my body.  As a child, Kit Fisto was my favorite jedi from the movie Star Wars. He is green and is well known for his long tendrils coming from his head. He is widely renowned for being one of the most heroic jedi in the jedi order. The reason he means so much to me is because he is a symbol of my childhood. Growing up I always looked up to Kit Fisto and wanted to be just like him, I try to mold myself after his spirit and heroism. When I hold my Lego key chain in my hands it takes me back to a simpler time, a time without all of the stress and worries of highschool. A time where I could just simply imagine being my favorite jedi. When I was in elementary school kids would be bully me all the time for being bad at sports. I wouldn’t let it bother me though because I always thought about what Kit Fisto would do. The jedi rely on peace and meditation to solve their problems, getting angry would do nothing to solve this issue. As time went on Kit Fisto was always there for me even when the people who said they were closest to me abandoned me. Kit Fisto was always there. Another object that I have isn’t as much physical but more intangible is my anxiety. The constant pressure to perform at tennis and at academics has caused a toll on my mental health. I don’t feel like it is something that I have created myself but something that has been pushed onto me by the expectations of those around me, be it my parents, Coaches, or friends. It has become something that I have to deal with on a daily basis and I don’t see it ending until the day I quit tennis. By taking one day at a time and picturing myself in the simpler time of my childhood, I am able to carry the weight of these items.