All normal human beings know that they will someday die. This knowledge affects the lives of all of us. Everyone wonders, and sometimes worries, about death and dying. Death Is a big mystery to everyone. The only thing we know for certain that It Is nothing like sleep. When we sleep, we are unconscious yet all bodily functions are active. We breathe and our heart beats. When we die, the organs and all of our body’s systems stop. I often worry about what would happen to me If one or both of my parents are to die. I think that everyone, especially the young, have some sad or even frightening Houghton on this topic.

We have been with them as long as we remember. What will happen If they suddenly depart? It Is very difficult to get over these thoughts and even more difficult to get over when the real thing happens. I couldn’t give advice to those who have lost their parents because I haven’t actually experienced losing a parent. All I can say is that I believe that we will never be left alone in this world. I believe that our parents will always be with us in our memories and thoughts and that there is always someone out there – perhaps a relative or close friend – who will eve and care for us.

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No matter how well-prepared a person is for the death of someone he or she loves, they have some feelings that they never expected to come out. One common reaction is to feel guilty. What often worries them is that somehow their actions might have been partly responsible for the death. “Perhaps I made too much noise during that final illness” and “Maybe something I did made him lose hope of living” are some thoughts that filled the mind of my mother during my grandfather’s death. I think it is important to remember that death happens naturally and that our Houghton and actions rarely influence the natural death of a person.

Another surprising feeling is anger. “How could someone I love and need so much leave me? ” I think that anger is a normal reaction to feeling lost and alone. Death could happen unexpectedly. Those who lost someone they love so suddenly experience the same thoughts and feelings I have expounded earlier but with more Intensity. I wouldn’t know what to do when my parents, my sisters, or one of my close friends suddenly die. I think It would be extremely difficult to get over the feeling of a sudden loss. One additional feeling that I think are felt by those who experience a sudden loss Is regret. L could have spent more time with him” and “l should have never disobeyed him” are some thoughts shared to me by my father which he experienced when my grandfather died. When we are sad, we need to communicate our feelings with those we trust. It feels good to know that there is someone who understands us and sharing them makes us Tell Tanat a Turned Is Dealing reliever Trot us. We must remember to censers life, to live life to the fullest every single day. When we are busy living, we will not have time to worry too much about death.