What was Meg trying to get when she fell into the water?
A frog
In order to restore peace to the kingdom what did Meg’s father do?
Offer her hand in marriage to a prince who could restore peace to the kingdom
What was Meg’s first plan for getting out of the contest?
She was going to come up with a way to keep the princes from winning
When Meg and Cam went through the encampment, what were the people talking about?
They were discussing the contest to find a prince for Meg
Where did Meg go that was full of frogs?
Gorba the witch’s house
What did Meg tell the witch?
That the King wanted her out of the woods
What 3 things do the princes have to do to win over Princess Meg’s hand in marriage?
Slay the dragon, get rid of the witch, and capture the bandits
What did Meg and Cam find in the cave?
A baby dragon
Which prince lied about slaying the dragon?
Prince Vantor
What surprised Vantor about the leader of the bandits?
The leader was a woman
What happened to Cam while he was at Gorba the witch’s house?
Cam got hit with a spell and shrank until he was in a tiny box or prism
What conversation about Cam did Meg talk with Dilly and Nort about in the woods?
How to get Cam back
When Meg and Nort went into the house what the hoodlums took them to , what was floating in the air?
A half-eaten apple
Gorba the witch’s frogs are really what?
Enchanted princes
Who did Prince Vantor and his men think Meg was when she was wearing the scarf in the woods?
The thought she was a witch
Who attacked the bandit’s camp?
Vantor and his men
How did the King find out that Meg had not been in the tower?
He figured it out during a conversation with the queen
Who tried to overthrow the king and declare himself the winner?
Prince Vantor
What gift did Bain give Meg?
A sword