Defining Culture After discussing the seven components of culture and the definition of culture, I have found my own meaning of culture. I believe a culture is a society’s way of life based on their shared values, ideas, and traditions. If I were to create my own utopian society it would be made of the components in the following ways. My society would follow certain traditions and customs. They would be familial in nature. These traditions and customs would be passed down from one generation to the next, such as behaviors and occupations.

In addition, there would be an emphasis on traditional family structure. Marriage and divorce would not be so easily attained. The social organization in my society would deal with the social classes. The classes would be based on intelligence. The higher someone’s intelligence the higher their social class would be. There would be three classes- upper, middle, and lower. Each person, regardless of class, would have to have a job within the society. Jobs would vary based on education and intelligence level.

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Within my society, everyone could enjoy different types of art and literature. My society would embrace art and literature from other cultures. This would allow everyone to experience other cultures and admire great works. Different types of art and literature would be exposed through educational systems in my society. Next, my society would have one religion. Everyone would be Catholic. In my opinion, having one religion could end conflict and help people connect better.

For example, people who follow the same religion, usually share the same values. As for a language, everyone must know English, but other languages can be learned and spoken. English would be the official language of my society; other languages could be learned in schools. Knowing more than one language increases intelligence. This would relate to my social organization. My society’s form of government would be a democracy. The people would have the say of who their leaders were and a say in decisions that affect their lives.

Also, equality and freedom would be a characteristic of the government. Along with that, the economic system of my society would be a traditional economy. Within a traditional economy, the society produces their wants and needs. Thus, there would be less of a demand on the Earth, no over consumption, and no surplus. My own utopian society would have its own unique customs, traditions, social organization, art, literature, religion, language, form of government, and economic system.