Editing simple descriptions of events, undertaken activities and personal experiences. Culture: 1 . Alternating and respecting the norms of verbal and non-verbal communication while interacting orally and in written form. Integrated skill combinations: 1 . Correctly writing and pronouncing units of measure. Visual aids: The book- English for Life, blackboard, cards, test. Methods and techniques: The teacher’s work, the work with book, discussion, written work, test, work with cards. Forms of pupil’s activity: frontal, work in groups, work in pairs, individual, choral.

Objectives: to develop students’ fluency -to relocate ten use AT Inalienable pronouns In genuine vernal Interaction -to enhance creative thinking -to develop literary awareness – should be able to identify indefinite pronouns – to write sentences using indefinite pronouns to use correctly new words in sentences – to read and translate the unknown text – to transfer information, self opinion Lesson stage Competences Time Teacher’s activity Student’s activity Methods and techniques Evocation Warming up Remembering the previous topic min 5 min Greeting activity. “Good morning! Take your places, please! “-“What date is today? What day is today? ” -“Today on the lesson you will receive stars for each activity. I wish you to be more active, to get good marks at the end of the lesson. Good luck! ” -“What indefinite pronouns do you know? ” “-Come out to the blackboard (name of one dent) and complete the scheme, please. -Nerdy good! ” -“When we use the indefinite pronouns: some, something, somebody? ” -“When we use the indefinite pronouns: any, anything, anybody? ” -“When we use the indefinite pronouns: no, nothing, nobody? -“Give example, please -” Fine! ” Checking homework: -“What was your homework? ” -“Good morning, teacher! Today is the 4th of November. Today is Monday. ” Students name the indefinite pronouns. Student complete the scheme. Students answer ten questing. -“Our homework was the page 34, ex. 6. ” Students answer their homework. Frontal Checking knowledge Realization of Meaning Checking of knowledge Introducing and learning the new vocabulary items Teaching reading min min min Ex: -“Make up the sentences with indefinite pronouns.

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Work in pairs. ” (distribute the cards with indefinite pronouns) -“And, now write a small test. You have 5 minutes. ” (distribute the sheets of paper with test) New vocabulary: Self- acceptance Self-confidence Self-control Self-determination Self-discipline Self-esteem Self-possession Self-disagreement Self-improvement Self-worth -“Repeat after me the new words, please. “(pronounce the new words) -“Write down new words in your dictionaries. -“Tell your class-mates what qualities you possess and which you would like to gain.

Make some sentences using new words. ” -“Look at the ex. L, p. 35, discussion point, answer the questions about your body shape. ” Reading: “Read and translate the Students do exercise and interpret their examples. Individual work. Students repeat chorally the new words after teacher. Students write down new words in their dictionaries. Students make sentences. Students answer the questions from discussion point. Students read and translate the text. Work in pairs Work with cards test individual Choral