Jean Jacque Dessalines 20 September 1758-17 October 1806
Jean-Jacques Dessalines
Era of Reign
First rule in 1801 after unification
1804-1806 as the first Emperor of Haiti
Coming to Haiti
Jean Jacques Dessalines started life as a slave and was transported to the sugar plantations of Haiti when he was young
Early Employment
Started out a professional life as an officer in the French army after he bought his freedom
Luis and Joseph Dessalines (brothers)
In 1791 a small rebellion rose up in the northern fields of Haiti led by Jean Francois and Georges Biassu
Jean-Jacques switched from the unorganized slave rebellion to fight in the anti-slavery French army.
French Army employment
Jean Jacques quickly rose through the ranks of the French army and commanded a rather sizable force into many victorious engagements.
Revolutionary Battles/Key points
The battle of Crete-a-Pierrot was a deciding factor of the independence of Haiti, the French were greatly weakened by the outbreak of Yellow Fever, which this disturbance allowed for the rebels to push through and destroy the French Army.
Independence at last
After the defeat of the French, the Rebels under the command of Dessalines unified the country and created their own form of government. In 1804 Dessalines drafted a Declaration of Independance and declared himself Emperor of Haiti, where he lasted until he was assassinated in 1806
Picture of Jean Jacques Dessalines in his French army days as a commander
The country of Haiti with his birthplace in the upper right corner in a town known as Grande-Riviere-du-Nord
The Haitian Parliament building as created and ruled in by Jean Jacques Dessalines from 1804-1806
Port-au-Prince, the capital and biggest city in Haiti
A painting of the battle of San Domingo, a key battle in Haiti’s battle for independance
The battle of Snake Gully as depicted in this picture was the bloodiest battle of the Haitian Revolution
General Toussaint Louverture was the first leader of the Haitian revolution, he was technically responsable for the success of the Revolution
The battle of Vertieres was the last and most important battle of the Haitian quest for independence.
The state flag of Haiti, the flag came to represent the country after it was used as a rallying symbol during the revolution.