the developmental stage that comes after childhood is called
7 or 8 to as late as 16
on average, girls start puberty at about age 11 or 12, but can vary from as early as
have difficulties in school and be involved in delinquency
a boy has just entered high school but looks several years older. he is more likely to
2800 calories a day
how many calories does the average teenage male require?
formal operational thought
Piaget suggested that what is achieved at the beginning of adolescence?
when people think about the way they think, it is called
imaginary audience
many adolescents are very concerned about their appearance and go to great lengths to have their hair and clothes perfect. this is the result of the
perception of school success as relatively unimportant
according to anthropologist John Ogbu, members of certain minority groups have low academic achievement due to:
what in cigarettes produces a pleasant emotional state that smokers seek to maintain
accoridng to the world health organization, what percent of the world’s population will die because of smoking?
what percent of adolescents contract a sexually transmitted infection before graduating from high school?
what is the most common sexually transmitted infection?
the information precessing approach argues that cognitive development is
average calories adolscent girls should consume per day
high school seniors which have reported having had an alcoholic drink in the last year
girls are often unhappy with their bodies
which of the following is an accurate statement concerning physical changes in adolescence?
colletion of beer cans
which of the following was indicated as adolescent identification with drug culture?
children actively construct and transfer information about their world
an evalutation of piaget’s approach indicates that he was correct in stating that
New Zealand
which of the following countries has the highest math performance level?
of college students have consumed at least one alcoholic drink during the last 30 days
rites of passage
many cultures have rituals of entry into adolescence, such as bar mitzvah, known as
secondary sex characteristics
changes that occur which result in a child’s body taking on visible signs of sexual maturity are:
anorexia nervosa
Karla has a severe problem whereby she avoids eating and denies that her behavior and resulting appearance are a problem. She is most likely diagnosed with:
teenage girl eats large amounts of food and then uses laxatives to get rid of the calories. What eating disorder does she have?
he may now be able to think abstractly
your nephwe is now an adolescent. how is his thinking different from when he was 9 years old?
a way of thinking that was prevalent during early childhood, and is once again seen in adolescence is called:
personal fable
sexually active adolescents often believe they will not get pregnant nor get a sexually transmitted disease, even though they do not use any protection. This dangerous thinking is the result of
the period during which the sexual organs mature is called
One of the leading causes of death among young people
40 Million
Number of people living with AIDS
Genital herpes
what sexually transmitted infection is diagnosed by small blisters which break open, heal, and then recurs after a period of time
sexual content
AIDS is primarily spread through
prefrontal cortex is not fully developed until age
occurs later in girls who are malnurished
The onset of menstruation
which of the following is a primary sex characteristic
early maturation is both good and bad for boys and girls
what is the impact of early or late maturation?
trial-and-error problem solving
all of the following abilities first appear with the formal operational stage EXCEPT
avoiding homosexual behavior
the chapter describes all of the following guidelines made by health psychologists and educators to help prevent the spread of AIDS EXCEPT
Their parents are less supportive or encouraging of their academic success
Which of the following is NOT a reason why students from middle- and high-SES homes show greater academic success?
white female
Most likely of all adolescents to start smoking the earliest