African americans, caucasians
in young adulthood_____ have twice the death rate of ______
most frequent cause of death for young adult african americans
reduction of the body’s ability to deal with stress
being exposed to long-term continuous stress typically results in
secondary appraisal
when people are faced with a difficult situation, they assess the degree to which they will be able to deal with the problem. this is called
postformal thought
piaget is to formal operations as Labouvie-Vief is to
achieving stage
acquisitive stage is to childhood and adolescence as the ____ stage is to young adulthood
according to Schaie, what is the central task of late adulthood
traditional intelligence tests tend to focus on what aspect of intelligence
of college students graduate in 6 years
personality characterstic associated with a lower rate of stress related illness is called
what percent of all college students report having at least one significant psychological issue
eyesight changes sufficiently to be noticeable in the
NOT a major cause of death for those 25-34
illness and disease overtake accidents as the leading cause of death at age..?
between 1998 and 1999 obesity in the US increased by how much?
the culture
researchers in the field of psychoneuroimmunology study the relationship of all EXCEPT
emotion focused
Selena works hard to keep a positive attitude about her job even though she has trouble with her boss. Selena is employing what type of coping?
sternberg contends that success in a career necessitates which type of intelligence?
in which individuals does creativity peak at the latest age?
perry found that students entered schools using what type of thinking?
some people experience a thinning of their bones as they age, called:
offensive coping
which is NOT a method of coping as discussed by the text
avoid dieting and focus on eating what they really want in moderation
obesity experts have reviewed that successful dieting and some of the experts recommend that people should
problem focused
jamie is having a having difficulty finding time to study so she arranges with her boss to work fewer hours so she can make more time. her coping strategy is:
acquisitve stage
according to Schaie, the first stage of cognitive development is the
responsible stage
Schaie’s first stage of development for middle-aged individuals is the
is NOT part of sternberg’s triarchic theory of intelligence
one of our intelligences, according to Sternberg, allows us to relate information to new situations in creative ways. Which of the following intelligences fosters this creativity?
the proportion of the minority population that enters college has____ over the past decade
successful either academically or socially
most students experience and adjustment period when going from high school to college. students who were usually __________ in high school are particularly likely to experience this adjustment period
greatly underperformed the men
Steele gave a group of males and females 2 math tests: one with there were supposedly gender differences-women not performing as well on it- and the second math test in which there were no gender differences. Actually, the tests were drawn from the same group of questions. When the women were told there were no gender differences in the test, they
men, women
In young adulthood ___ are more adapt to die than _____
30 minutes, 5
people should excercise at least _________ for at least ___ days a week
least likely of any Western ethnic group to seek the help of a physician when they are ill
americans with disabilities act
federal legislation was passed in 1990 to mandate full access to public establishments
primary appraisal
matt applied for a new job with a higher salary and found out he didnt get the job. his appraisal of this even as negative is a
acknowledges that predicaments can be solved in relativistic terms
in contrast to formal thought, postformal thought
keith just broke up from a long term romantic relationship and is assessing his ability to move on with his life. he is engaged in ______ appraisal
a quarter
total minority enrollment now compromises ______ of total college enrollment
women receive ___ bachelor’s degrees for every 100 men receive