developing a capacity for intimacy with a partner
a 24 year old man has the developmental task of
is NOT a compnonent of Sternberg’s theory of love
companionate love
when 2 people have a relationship full of commitment and intimacy, but lack passion, Sternberg calls this form of love:
physically attractive
men, more than women, prefer a potential marriage partner who is
social homogamy
when a man marries a woman who shares similarity in leisure activities and role preferences, he is adhering to a principle called:
some relationships are characterized by overinvestment, repeated break-ups with the same partner, and the overly invested partner having low self esteem. The overly invested partner probably has the _________ attachment style
marriage gradient described tendeencies of marriage based on all of the following factors EXCEPT
women get married for the first time in the IS at the median age of
what percentage of the people in the US spent their entire lives in singlehood?
career choice
Eli Ginzberg developed a theory in the area of
relationships proceed in a fixed order of three stages according to which theorist
communal professions
occupations associated with relationships are called
type of motivation is involved when a person decides on a career based on prestige and money
the evaluation of a role or person by other relevant members of a group or society is called
65 years old
mario finds he has to concentrate on remaining oriented to the present and future and avoid becoming preoccupied with the past. he is most likely
most people choose their friends on the basis of all of the following EXCEPT
zoe and carl are committed to their relationship even though they feel little passion for each other and are not intimate in any way. their love is:
social homogamy
jack and jill, a couple with a similarity in leisure activity and role preferences, are displaying:
personality types
John Holland
people in this stage are rule followers
according to research by Vaillant on people in the stage of career consolidation,
stimilus stage
murstein’s SRV theory, the stage of a relationship in which initial judgements are formed on the other’s physical characteristics is called the
intense physiological arousal and situational cues occur together
according to the labeling theory of passionate love, people experience romantic love when
according to Erikson, young adulthood is the time to develop
2 people get married who are from the same background, including socioeconomic level and religion, their attraction is probably based on the priniciple of
of young adults display the secure
US Census Bureau’s term for people cohabiting
What is POSSLQ?
of female POSSLQS under age 25
of marriages in the US remain intact
women spend more time in child care activities
When men and women work the same number of hours on the job,
internships during the senior year of college would provide support for what stage of career choice?
holland says which personality type has excellent verbal and interpersonal skills?
glass ceiling
many organizations have invisible barriers which prevent some from being promoted
they view marriages as too restrictive
which is a reason why people chose to remain single?
lving through illness and death of parents and contemporaries
which is a developmental task of middle adulthood?
is more heterogeneous for both men and women
today the social clock
was not invented until the middle ages
the idea that people should marry for love
females to look for mates who will be good providers
according to Buss, genetic programming causes
ishmael attends college only because the economic gain he hopes to reap in the future. Ishmael displays _______ motivation
labor tends to be more evenly divided in homosexual houses than in heterosexual households
according to studies comparing gay, lesbian, and heterosexual couples
computer programmer
is NOT considered communal