greater risk of osteoporosis
decline in height is experienced by more women than men because women have a
of maximum strength is lost by age 60
when fluid cannot drain properly from the eye or too much fluid is inside the eye, the condition is called:
the nervous system
increases in reaction time during middle adulthood are largely produced by changes in the speed of
of all women experience severe distress during menopause
6 to 18 months
how long does the female climacteric last?
reduced risk of breast cancer
all of the following are potential health benefits of hormone replacement therapy for menopausal women EXCEPT
period when hormone production changes
what is perimenopause?
breast cancer
most common cause of cancer death among women?
a fighting spirit or who had denied that they had the disease
death rate after surgery for cancer varies according to a person’s psychological reaction. death rates drop for those who had
crystallized intelligence
dealing with situations learned through experience is
scientists are often more productive in their 50s than their 20s. what form of intelligence helps explains why?
crystallized intelligence
formal strategies for organizing material in ways that make it more likely to be remembered are called
mnemonic device include s paying attention when you are exposed to new information and purposefully thinking that you want to recall it in the future, and by practicing what you want to recall?
of men and women between 45-59 report having sexual intercourse about once a week or more
men have more of a loss than women
common aspect of hearing in middle adulthood?
following disorders is called the “silent killer”
which drug is NOT used to treat ED
false positives, false negatives, high costs (all of the above)
those who argue against mammograms for women under 50 base objections on
the degree of cognitive ability required for professional success to too high to be measured
according to Salthouse, overall IQ declines in middle age lead to no apparent decline in general cognitive competence for all of the following reasons EXCEPT
decline in visual acuity
common change that middle aged people experience with their sense is
men than in women
hearing loss involving high frequency sounds is more common in
Mia, middle aged woman, has a loss of near vision. This universal change in eyesight is known as:
for most women, menopause starts around
enlarged prostate gland
if a man over 60 complains that he is having problems with urination and needs to urinate frequently at night, what is his likely diagnosis?
in addition to hostility, what other type of negative emotion has been linked to heart disease?
high fat diet, cigarette smoking, lack of excercise
lifestyle factors that increase likelihood of feart disease
component of type A pattern is believed to be the central link to coronary heart disease
second leading cause of death in the US
practice effects
cross sectional studies are to cohort effects ad longitudinal studies are to:
numeric ability
according to Schaie, all of the following abilities start a gradual decline at about age 25 EXCEPT
15-25 seconds
short term memory holds information for
encoding specificity phenomenon
mnemonic device exists that enables you to remember information in an environment that is similar to the one in which you initially learned it. what is this called?
loss of near vision in middle adulthood is called:
highly negative experience
most experts regrd menopause as
chronic disease
in middle adulthood, people become particularly susceptible to:
_____________study the relationships among the brain, immune system, and psychological factors
increased compliance with medical advice
stress produces all of the following EXCEPT
is NOT described as an effective strategy for remembering
process by which people concentrate on particular skill areas to compensate for losses in other areas is selective _____.