more with social success
research has shown that during early adolescence girls’ self esteem tends to be lower and more vulnerable than boys’.

this appears to be related to the fact that girls are concerned

identity versus identity confusion
Melissa is 17 years old and really searching for a sense of who she is what is unique about her. According to Erikson’s theory, in what psychosocial stage is she in?
identity foreclosure
A friend of yours did not get the opportunity to explore career choices on his own. his parents told him that he would be working in the family convenience store after graduation, which he agreed to do, although he had wanted to look into other options also. Your friend experienced which identity status?
percentage of adolescents experience major depression at one time or another
drugs; guns
adolescent girls tend to use _____ to attempt suicide, boys use _____
adolescent autonomy tends to be found in
style of dress
julie who is 14 years old, and her parents are likely to hold different views on matters of
reference groups
when high school students belong to clubs that support many of their attitudes and ideals, the groups are
controversial or popular
adolescents who are liked by some and disliked by others are called
illicit drug use
according to the text which of the following is NOT a warning sign of adolescent suicide?
a combination of factors
many researchers believe that sexual orientation develops from
virginity pledges
are NOT a factor attributed to the decline of teenage pregnancy rates
amanda’s peers call her and the 199 other band members in her school “geeks”. this specifically refers to what type of adolescent group?
socialized delinquent
Jeb is psychologically normal but shoplifts when pressured by his peers. How would he be classified?
david has more accurate understanding of who he is now that he is an adolescent. this is his
according to marcia, an adolescent who has explored alternatives but not yet committed is in
what percent of arrests for serious crimes involve some under the age of 18
make a contract with the person
if you suspect that a friend is contemplating suicide, you should
individualism is not highly valued
in traditional preindustrial cultures
most adolescents, their initiation into sexuality comes from
carlos is a 17 year old male who is sexually active. it is most probably that carlos’s sexual attraction and behavior is
psychological moratorium
Jeanne is an adolescent taking time off from both work and school to back pack around Europe in an attempt to “find herself”.

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What period of identity development is she experiencing?

identity diffusion
when people lack direction and avoid talking or thinking about the future, they tend to just hang out with friends and not move toward any particular goal. what identity status have they adopted?
what is the 3rd most common cause of death in the 15-24 year old age group?
cluster suicide
because jackson heard about a classmate who committed suicide, he attempted suicide. this is called:
sex cleavage
it is typical during the early teenage years for adolscents to hang out with a group of their same gender.

this type of grouping is called:

social comparison
adolescents will often evaluate their own personal abilities, behaviors, personality characteristics, appearance, and general sense of self against the characteristics of others. this process is called:
hihgly cohesive group of 2 – 12 peers
an adolescent clique consists of
percent of serious violent crimes are committed by adolescents
permissiveness with affection
a couple believes engaging in premarital sex is permissable because they are in a committed, long term relationship. what society norm governing sexual conduct do they follow?
late adolescence
when does true intimacy first become more common?
they view traits as concrete entities
adolescents view of the self differs from that of children in all of the following ways EXCEPT
identity achievement
according to Marcia, an adolescent who has explored alternatives and made a commitment to a particular identity is in
cultural assimilation model
which of the following views holds that the US is a “melting pot” of cultures?
girls attempt suicide more frequently than boys
which of the following is an accurate statment about adolescent suicide?
the use of condoms has increased
concerning the decline in teen pregnancy, it would be most accurate to say that
succumb to the increased male-female pairing
and the end of adolescence, cliques and crowds:
popular and controversial
which two groups of adolescents have high status
by age 20, what percent of adolescents have had sexual intercourse?
overall rate of teenage pregnancy is ___ per 1000 births