A Nation At Risk: 1983 report published by Reagan’s National Commission on Excellence in Education: generated fear that US students were falling behind/ aligned with Cold War sentiments
Program for International Student Assessment: test administered every three years to 15 year-olds in nations around the world; tests literacy, mathematics ; science
Teach for America: program where recent college graduates are hired to teach in low-income area schools under two-year contracts.  Started by Wendy Kopp in 1990
non-profit organization charged with collecting data on students; recently embroiled in data protection scandal
Common Core State Standards: standards developed on a national level by representatives from Achieve, Inc., Council of Chief State School Officers, National Governors’ Association for Best Practices, and other organizations to include the Gates Foundation
Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study: tests students in 4th & 8th grade every four years in nations across the world; generates a ranking
No Child Left Behind: a 2001 act (under Bush) that linked federal funding to measureable attainment on educational tests