Gigantic computer network that connects computers across the world
World Wide Web
Huge collection of information, services and web sites available through the Internet
Specific location on e web that contains a collection of related files and resources by a person, group or organization
Uniform resource locator (URL)
Website address that no other site could use, including “http://,” the subpage name.
Internet service provider (ISP)
Company that provides access to the Internet usually for a monthly fee
Web browser
Software program that lets you surf the web and interact with other websites
Home page
First web page you see when your web browser opens
Site map
Index of all the main pages in a website that you may use to jump straight to a page
Search Engine
Special kind of web site that lets you search for other web pages using keyboards
Search criteria
Words and phrases used in a search. They need to be specific keywords related to the topic.
Boolean search
A search that uses keywords plus special symbol to narrow your search.
Domain name
Name of the website
.com .net
Commercial of for-profit business
Educational institution
US government
Professional non-profit organization
A shortcut stored in your browser that takes you directly to a Web page.
The name for bookmark saved in Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer’s record of Web pages you have visited recently