Plot of the story: The film is a love story between a deaf boy who loves to dance and a troubled rocker girl who abuses her hearing. One lives in the world of solitude and silence, the there in noise and fear. One intense night, they both got into trouble. Unfortunately for Nina, the school administration was all ears regarding her whereabouts for her rebellious behavior and decided to kick her out. Crossing paths in a Baggie camp that mixes deaf and hearing kids. Koki remembers her face. He was a bit attached and Intrigued with Nina.

Both find that they have more In common with each other Including a love for music, Dining Asana Kits is a movie where in the love aspect is not the entire focal point. Given that the characters have attitudes, the problems arise not merely in connection o the possible love between the two but also with their interrelationships with the people around them. Acting/Casting: Zoe Sanders, the girl who played the female lead – Nina, played the role well, she portrayed that angst-rich rebellious girl act very believably and naturally, its like she exudes that kind of personality herself.

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Armorial Mallard, the guy who played the role of the male lead – Kilo. Romano Is a real deaf-mute aspiring actor and dancer. The male lead played the role well, being that the role required the actor to play deaf; It was made natural due to the real-life condition of the actor – being deaf. Sufficing the requisite of the role, Armorial gave something more that enhanced the role of the male lead. Also the two played well on screen; they have this natural chemistry within them.

Dialogue/Sound: The dialogue scenes of the movie gave the film its more natural feel, the dialogue was executed very well. The chemistry being portrayed by the leads was enhanced by the dialogues they share. The dialogues are sincere and appropriate and made the movie simple and very much easily understood. The sounds used were great but It kind of lacked that feel of excitement to keep the audience on hold. To keep the audience on the feel of having their songs to be catchy, but In all, It was K, I would have preferred to have it more grand. Integrator Ana Blocking: It gave new meaning to Indies, due to that, typically Indies films have that confused, fast, and shaky-hand-held camera/screen. Where in here, in this film, it was shot with a steady camera, the scenes captured the beauty of the film, though being fast phased, it was very much easily understood, leaving its audience the feel of satisfaction and being captivated. Setting/Costume/Makeup: The setting, in my opinion portrayed also the two attitudes of the leads, them Ewing opposite poles, was seen in the setting.

The contrast of the calm and silent mountainous scene of Baggie from the bustling and fast phased city of manila. The costume was simple and real-life, meaning it was what normal people would wear. Not giving too much extravagance. Also the make up was simple, maybe the use of some bases, foundations, blushes and glosses, to enhance the natural look of the characters on the film. Both the costume and makeup gave that simplicity of the film, not taking anything away from the movie, its story and its characters. Direction:

The direction was executed well, it enhanced the movie, and the story, the way the characters and the leads were lead or directed is very impressive that they seemed natural and it brought the film to a more personal level that people especially teens can easily relate to the film and incorporate it in their own lives. Title analysis: Dining Asana Kits The title was appropriate to the film’s story because it was like what the guy wanted to say to the girl if only he is able to say it. The deeper meaning was seen and portrayed in the movie. Overall rating (10 being the highest) I score it 8 out of 10