______________ is the most common blood condition in the US?
An erythrocyte can be?
macrocytic, microcytic, hyperchromic, hypochromic
hyperchromic definition?
an unusually high concentratin of hemoglobin within the cytoplasm
Hypochromic definition?
abnormally low concentration of hemoglobin
This disease is an unusual diseae that causes excessively large numbers of erythrocytes in the blood?
polycythemia Vera
Posthemorrhagic, hemolytic and anemias of chronic disease are all __________ types of anemia?
Abnormally shaped erythrocytes (large) but normal hemoglobin concentration describe what type of anemia?
macrocytic-normochromic anemias
Small, abnormally shaped erythrocytes and reduced hemoglobin concentration describe what type of anemia?
microcytic-hypochromic anemia
destruction or depletion of normal erythroblasts or mature erythrocytes describes what type of anemia?
This anemia is caused by insufficient influence of vitamin B on developing cells because of deficient IF?
This anemia is caused by dietary deficiency which inhibits DNA synthesis?
folate (folic acid)
This anemia is caused by dysfunctional iron uptake by erythroblasts?
This anemia is caused by radiation, viruses and drugs?
Lymphocyte, monocyte and macrophage, eosinophil, neutrophil and basophil are all?
This is prevalent in early stages of infection or inflammation?
granulocytosis or neutrophilia
___________ is when neutrophils are reduced to below 500/ml?
agranulocytosis is also known as?
___________ can be seen during acute bacterial infections, but occurs most often during acute viral infections such as Epstein-Barr?
shift to the left means?
the demand of neutrophils exceeds the circulatory supply
shift to the right means?
as infection or inflammation diminishes and granulopoiesis replenishes the circulating granulocytes which is back to normal
Myelocytic leukemia consists of?
acute and chronic myelocytic leukemias, acute non-lymphocytic leukemia and chronic granulocytic leukemias
lymphocytic leukemia consists of?
acute lymphocytic leukemia and chronic lymphocytic leukemia
________ cells are seen in acute leukemia?
In this leukemia the onset is gradual adn the prolonged clinical course results in a relatively longer survival time?
chronic leukemia
This leukemia has a rapid and abrupt onset, disease progression is rapid and includes a short survival time?
acute leukemia
This disease is caused by too many malignant plasma cells and is a B cell cancer?
multiple myeloma
lymphomas are classified as?
Hodgkins versus non-Hodgkins
This lymphoma has the presence of Reed-Sternberg cells surrounded by benign-appearing host inflammatory cells?
This lymphoma consists of two types, B-cell and T-cell?
Common inherited disorders of clotting mechanism are?
hemophilias and von Willebrand disease
The most common childhood anemia?
iron-deficiency anemia
Spontaneous bleeding in males may indicate?
__________ is the most common childhood cancer?