Disney is an American entertainment company that was
founded in the year 1923 and has its headquarters in California. After
inception, the company grew to be the best in the animation industry but later
diversified to theme parks, live action films, online media, music, theater,
radio, publishing et cetera.

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Disney made its name through Walt Disney Studios which
is currently the best and largest studio in US Cinema. Its other divisions
include Disney Media Networks, Interactive media, Disney resorts/parks and Consumer
products. Additionally, it operates the ABC TV network, Cable TV channels e.g.
ESPN, Disney channel et cetera; it also does publishing and manages around 14
theme parks globally.

With a market capitalization of $178 billion, sales
value of over $54 billion (as of May 2017) and more than 194,000 employees
around the world, Disney is a global entertainment conglomerate that competes
for market share with the following companies.

Competitors in Entertainment

Warner Inc.

This is an entertainment company that engages in
publishing services, provision of filmed entertainment and cable network. Time
Warner Inc. operates through Home Box office, Warner Bros and Turner segments.
The Warner Bros section manufactures and ensures timely distribution of feature
films, TV shows and video games. Consequently, Turner segment is comprised of
digital media and cable networks while the Home Box office controls businesses
under the Home Box Office Inc.

Time Warner Inc. was founded in USA in the year 1985
with its headquarters in New York. In mid-year 2017, it had a market
Capitalization of $76.2 billion and more than 25,000 employees globally. In the
same year total sales exceeded $29.30 billion. In the USA, Time Warner is among
the top 100 companies in terms of sales, generated profits, overall assets and
Market value


With a Market capitalization of $10.7 billion, Fox
makes the cut for the top 100 most valuable brands in the world. Having been
founded in the year 1986 in the United States, the company made more than $15.5
billion in sales in the year 2017. Its headquarters are in California USA.

Fox is part of the Twenty First century Fox group and
its cable is connected to more than 90 million homes in USA alone. For the last
15 years, it has been the most dominant news channel and tops other channels
like ESPN and NBC. In 2007 its brand was extended to business news and in 2013
to Fox Sport


CBS Corporation is an American Company with its
headquarters in New York. Founded in the year 1986, the Corporation had a
market capitalization of $29.5 billion as of May 2017, Sales of around $13.17
billion and more than 15,000 employees.

As a mass media company, CBS produces and distributes
content in different platforms to global audiences. Its business is operated
through Local media segment; which is responsible for digital media and
television Stations, also the Entertainment Segment; made up of the TV network,
TV studios, international CBS studios, digital streaming and CBS films among
others. It also has the publishing segment that deals with imprints and Atria
Books among others


By 2017, Comcast had a market capitalization of $193.5
billion, more than 160, 000 employees and over $80.5 billion in sales.

Founded in the year 1963 in the broadcasting and cable
industry, Comcast has its headquarters in Pennsylvania, USA and was voted one
of the best employers of the year 2015 in the United States.

As a communication company, Comcast also provides
phone services and internet to both businesses and residential properties. Its
operational efficiency is ensured through segment divisions. I.e. Cable
Communications for high speed internet; video and voice services to businesses
and residents, Cable Networks for Cable TV Networks and related digital media
content, Broadcast Television for Telemundo and NBC, Filmed entertainment for
production, marketing and distribution of content with the Theme Parks segment
ensuring Comcast themes


Sony Corporation manufactures and sells entertainment
equipment and instruments, electronics, devices, software for different
markets, game consoles and computers among other products. With its
headquarters in Tokyo Japan, Sony was founded in the year 1946. In 2017, its market
Capitalization was over $40.2 billion and around $70 billion worth of sales. Its
employees are approximately 14,000.

To stay afloat in the competitive world of
entertainment, Sony Corporation Inc. operates in segments i.e. Mobile
Communications, Sound and Home entertainment, Financial Services, Imaging and
Music among others. The company is ranked position 73 and 193 globally in terms
of brand and Asset value.


Being one of the best mid size employers in the USA, Rainbow
Media Group as was formally referred is divided into National Networks i.e.
Sundance Channel, AMC et cetera and International Networks i.e. Global Sundance
which is mainly in Canada and AMC distributed in most parts of Asia and Europe.
In the USA, the National Networks are distributed via video programming,
satellites and cable networking.

AMC Network was founded in the year 1980 and has its
headquarters in New York. Its employees are estimated to be around 2,200 and by
the end of the year 2015, its revenue was $2.58 billion. Its operating income
was around $582 million by the end of 2013.




Lionsgate operates in the Entertainment and Television
Broadcasting industry and is traded in the New York Stock Exchange. Founded in
the year 1997 in Canada and has its headquarters in California USA, Lionsgate
operates globally providing services in Film production, video entertainment,
digital distribution and broadcast programming

By 2015, Lionsgate’s revenue was estimated to be
around $2.4 billion with an operating income of $222 million. Its net income
was $182 million and assets were valued at $3.3 billion. By midyear 2017, the
number of employees was more than 1,400 with a market Capitalization of around
$18 billion


Viacom is an entertainment company that was founded in
2005 with headquarters in New York. It is operated through Filmed Entertainment
and Media Network segments. Through media Networks, entertainment content is
provided and branded products availed for the target population. It also
ensures that content is created and distributed to different platforms. The
filmed entertainment segment produces and distributes televised programs and
motion pictures under Insurge Pictures, Paramount Pictures and various entertainment
content under Nickelodeon Movies, Paramount Vantage and MTV among others.

By the end of 2017, Viacom had a market Capitalization
of $18 billion. More than 10,000 employees and a sales value of over $12.66


The Weinstein Company (TWC) was founded in USA in 2005 by Harvey
and Bob Weinstein. With its headquarters in New York, The Weinstein Company LLC
has one of the largest Film Studios in Northern America and employees around
200 employees.

Some of its divisions include Dimension Extreme/Television/Films,
Ovation TV and TWC-dimension among others. Example of films released by TWC
include; spy kids, undefeated, the reader, the artist, woman in cold and the
imitation game just to name a few. Television broadcasts include project run
away, Ten Commandments, under the gunn etc


For theme
parks, Disney has the following market competitors;


A film studio in California, Universal Studios is
operated by Universal Parks and resort. It was formed in the year 1912 as a
studio house and converted to a studio lot after 3 years (1915). It was in the
year 1964 that it became a theme park. It has a total of ten (10) rides and two

Owned by NBC Universal (Comcast), its theme ‘show business and universal entertainment’
and slogan ‘the entertainment capital of
LA’ have managed to keep it relevant in today’s competitive entertainment
world. The park can host more than 10 million guests making it one of the
largest in the world.



Cedar Fair, trading under Cedar Fair Entertainment
Company was founded in the year 1983 and has its headquarters in the Ohio.
Operating a total of 12 amusement parks, indoors and outdoors water parks,
Gilroy Gardens and up to 5 hotels in Canada and US, the company operates in a
total of 13 locations and in 2016, it had a revenue of over $1.3 billion, an
operating income of over $315 million, approximately $178 million net income
and asset value of around $1.97 billion.

Cedar Fair Entertainment employs more than1800 full
time personnel and over 40,000 seasonal staff

Six Flags

Though based in the USA, Six flags Entertainment also
has properties in Mexico and Canada. It employs around 27,000 seasonal staff
and approximately 1,900 full time employees. With a capacity of over 30 million
guests, six flags is one of the largest amusement parks in terms of attendance.
In the North America region, the company owns over 20 properties, several entertainment
centers for families, water and theme parks et cetera.

With presence in over 20 locations, Six Flags was
founded in the year 1961 and has its headquarters in Texas USA. By 2016, its
operating income was over $160 million, revenue around $1.3 billion, net income
of $157 million and a total of 28,900 staff; both permanent and seasonal

In Comic

13) DC –
Marvel is owned by Disney and DC is its major competitors in comics and movies

DC was founded in the year 1984 and has its
headquarters in California. Its list of publications ranges from fiction genres
in crime, science fiction, comedy to imprints among others. Being a subsidiary
of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. DC produces content from heroic characters e.g.
Wonder Woman, The flash, Super-girl, Superman, Green Arrow and batman et cetera.

‘DC’ was obtained from a common series called
Detective Comics that stirred Batman in his debut.

Despite competition from all the above companies,
Disney has always managed to remain afloat.