That part of the central nervous system that is located within the cranium (skull).
Pertaining to cognition, the process of knowing and, more precisely, the process of being aware, knowing, thinking, learning and judging.
1. The ability to recover information about past events or knowledge. 2. The process of recovering information about past events or knowledge.
The period of great growth and change between childhood and adulthood.
A person’s surroundings and everything in them, including both human and non-human factors.
Intellectual development
A developmental process that refers to the growth of the brain and the use of mental skills.
Forming strong emotional ties between individuals.
Attention span
The length of time a person can concentrate on any one thing.
Hand-eye coordination
The ability to move hands and fingers precisely in relation to what is seen.
Large motor skills
The use of the large muscles of the back, legs, shoulders and arms.
The ability to learn from the senses.
Sensory-motor skills
Skills that are developed throughout the interaction of the senses and the environment.
Developmentally appropriate
Tasks that are suitable to a child given his/her age and interests.
Small motor skills
An ability that depends on the use and control of the finer muscles of the wrist, finger and ankles.
The skillful use of hands and fingers.