Dracula Book Report Author: Bram Stoker Title: Dracula Rating: Excellent Reading Level: Hard Number of Pages: 363. With the notes and commentary: 394 Summary: Dracula is a novel about 6 comrades scheming to exterminate Count Dracula in revenge for killing the love of both Quincey Morris and Lord Godalming, Lucy Westenra. They soon find they are dealing with a bloodthirsty vampire, and their plot turns into a race for whom is able to survive, Count Dracula, or them. Their story is told through various newspaper clippings, letters, and journal entries, which gives the reader more insight into each of the machinator’s minds.

Personal Reaction: Honestly, I found this novel very confusing when I read it the first time. Since this novel was written in 1897 the language the character’s used was difficult to comprehend. I would like to relate this novel to Julius Caesar, a tragedy by William Shakespeare. These books are similar because I literally have to break down each sentence of both novels and put the words into more modern phrases. Although they are written in two very different time periods, they both do not use language that I would use daily.

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What was really great about Dracula is Stoker really shows one the depth of the character’s relationships with one another. For example, the love triangle of Quincey Morris, Lord Godalming, and Lucy Westenra. Also, the use of journal entries and letters gives one more insight into the feelings of everyone, and makes one really connect with each character. Although the only reason I read this novel is because it is so famous, I feel that I have been able to relate to each character in Dracula, except for Count Dracula, because I have never craved the taste of human blood before, and hopefully never will.