Where is Drita’s family from?
What did Drita notice about her classmates at her new school?
All the faces had different skin and different eyes
What does Maxie’s teacher ask her to choose for her research project?
To research Drita and how she got to America
What happened to Maxie’s mom?
She died in a car accident 3 years ago
What happens when Drita shares her Albanian food with Brandee at school?
The kids throw it around and make fun of it
What advice does Drita’s Dad give her after her very bad day?
“Do what all Albanians do, next time you must try harder.”
Why did Maxie hit Brandee?
She was defending Drita
Why is Drita’s mom crying and screaming on the floor when Maxie arrives?
Her cousin Zana from Kosovo is safe
What was one of Drita’s mom’s jobs in Albania?
A hairdresser