Yellow signs
Warning signs
what happens to fines in a work zone?
they double
non yellow signs
regulatory signs
what is the fine for parking in a disabled parking spot?
Destination signs
They show directions and distance to various
locations such as cities, airports, or state lines or to
special areas such as national parks, historical areas, or
Service signs
They show the location of various services such
as rest areas, gas stations, campgrounds, or hospitals.
When a highway is divided into two or more
roadways, it is illegal to drive within, over, or across the
round a bouts
to the right
15-20 mph
Reversible Lanes
A green arrow means you
can use the lane beneath it, a red
“X” means you cannot. A flashing
yellow “X” means the lane is only
for turning. A steady yellow “X”
means that the use of the lane is
changing and you should move
out of it as soon as it is safe to do
“High Occupancy Vehicles”
how long should you stay in a Two-Way Left Turn Lanes
300 ft max
speed limit on beaches
25b mph
Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV), Medium-speed
Electric Vehicles (MEV), and Motorized Foot Scooters
(MFS) – Both NEV and MEV are electrically powered,
four-wheeled vehicles that can be driven on roads posted
35 mph or less.
A NEV can reach speeds of 20-25 mph. A
MEV can reach speeds of 30-35 mph and is equipped with
a roll-cage or a crush-proof body design.
when do Pedestrians and bicyclists have the right-of-way?
at crosswalks and intersections,
when should you stop for a school bus?
red lights flashing whether it is on your side of the
road, the opposite side of the road or at an intersection
you are approaching.
when do you not have to stop for a school bus?
a school bus with red lights flashing when the stopped
school bus is traveling in the opposite direction and the
– has three or more marked traffic lanes,
– is separated by a median, or
– is separated by a physical barrier.
with a curb and are facing uphill
, set your parking
brake and turn your steering wheel away from the curb.
This way, if your vehicle starts to roll, it will roll into the
facing downhill,
set your parking brake and turn your
steering wheel toward the curb.
there is no curb,
set your parking brake and turn
your steering wheel toward the edge of the road. This
way, if your vehicle starts to roll, it will roll away from
how to parallel park
• Stop even with the
car ahead. Turn
the wheel sharp
right and back
slowly toward the
car behind.
• When clear of the
car ahead, turn
the wheel sharp
left and back
slowly to the car
• Turn the wheel
sharp right and
pull toward the
curb in the center
of the parking
how far away from a traffic signal, stop sign, or yield sign.
30 ft away
how far from a pedestrian safety zone.
20 ft
how far from a fire hydrant.
15b ft
how far from a railroad crossing.
50 ft
how far from the curb.
more then 12 in
where should your hand be
9 3
8 4
speed ina school zone
20 mph
speed in cities and towns
25 mph
speed on county roads.
50 mph
speed on state highways.
60 mph
how far ahead should you look?
10 seconds
when should you start to signal
100 ft ahead
when should you turn off your high beams
500 ft away
when can you use your high beams when following someone
300 ft
if broken, how far behind your car should you place emergency flares
200 300 ft
how slow should you go on a wet day?
10 mph less then what it says
in heavy rain, when can your tires lose traction
5o mph