Applicants Drug tests are a meaningful deterrent against drug use and a solid prevention strategy. The fourth amendment says “unreasonable search and seizure,” It Is NOT unreasonable to search a person if someone is giving them something. If a bank was giving out a loan, it would be quite reasonable for them search the applicant?was credit history. Applicants must to submit private and personal data to show they are eligible to receive government benefits.

It is important that federal and state governments make sure that Individuals who are receiving special assistance from he government are not using those funds that they are attaining to purchase and buy drugs Instead of food and other necessity Items. Families and individuals who are receiving state assistance, such as food stamps or a cash, are required to undergo drug testing in certain states. Legislators from 36 states have proposed baseless drug testing some even extending to recipients of other public benefits as well, such as medical assistance, unemployment benefits, and food assistance.

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Individuals who fail the drug test cannot collect welfare benefits. However, the ended applicants may designate another person to receive the benefits on behalf of their children. When an applicant chooses to stop his or her public welfare benefits rather than taking the drug test, there is no penalty or investigation that follows. Individuals who are receiving welfare benefits have a much lower expectation of privacy. Welfare programs are strictly regulated and recipients are routinely required to follow state and federal regulations. An applicant who chooses to not abide by the rule and regulations will be denied welfare assistance.

This potentially could save dates millions of dollars. It is critical that the Federal and state governments consider maximizing the use of the Personal Responsibility Contracts. These contracts are geared in helping the client in treatment and to assist the entire family in getting the necessary support services to move toward self-sufficiency. For some individuals knowing that their cash aid depended upon their ability to produce a clean urine sample and pass a drug test could help them stay clean. This in turn may motivate people to go out and spend time looking for higher paying Jobs so they will not have to live off state assistance.

It could also help social workers know when children are around drug abuse, and thus prevent further abuse in families. It is time to break the cycle of dependency in these impoverished situations. Every individual needs to make his or her voice heard and vote to pass state and federal laws requiring applicants to be drug free to receive any government assistance. Reticence: Buddy, Jordan C, Pledge Your Body for Your Bread: Welfare, Drug Testing, and the Inferior Fourth Amendment, William & Mary Bill of Rights, Forthcoming, September 6, 2010. Falling, Mary, 2011.

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