Each department, as listed below, will appoint an Incident Chief to act as a liaison between the ICS, through the Operations Officer, and their respective department. Therefore, each department will function on their own accord as long as the objectives set forth by the IC are met responsibly and in a timely and efficient fashion.Fire/Rescue All available personnel from the four companies of the Paramus Fire Department will work towards rescuing trapped victims and suppressing fires in the area. Relevant 911 calls will be routed to them by the Operations Officer and resources such as trucks and tools will be overseen by the Logistics Officer. Individuals from the Paramus Rescue Squad who are trained in collapsed structure rescue, trench rescue, and confined space situations will aid the fire department (“The Borough of Paramus,” 2017). The fire department will also accompany Paramus Police, EMS, and Public Works in locations where there are natural gas or electric hazards such as leaks and downed power lines.Law EnforcementParamus Police will establish perimeter control to keep outsiders from entering the area, be it to check in on family or obtain media coverage. The police department will also provide platoon security in residential and commercial areas to prevent looting and violence. While EMS will report deaths, Patrol Division Commander Captain Anthony Savastano and respective platoon sergeants must ensure the proper documentation of deceased victims (“The Borough of Paramus,” 2017).Emergency Medical Services (EMS)     EMS will solely focus on the treatment and transport of those affected by the disaster. Fire and rescue services will bring all patients to various triage locations set forth by the Medical Team Leader and IC. EMS will follow standard triage practices (FIG 1). P3 patients will be transported by the Safety Team to the designated evacuation shelter (FIG 2), while P2 and P1 patients will be transported to awaiting hospitals (FIG 3) based on the severity of their injuries. P0 patients will be reported to Paramus Police (Pollak et al., 2011). The Logistics Officer will oversee resources for EMS response. EMS personnel will also be set up at the evacuation shelter in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Public Works The Paramus Department of Public Works will work with Paramus Police and Fire/Rescue to set up traffic signs, temporary stop signs to replace OOS traffic lights, and barricades needed for perimeter control and traffic management (Walker, 2011). Public Works will also clear streets and transportation routes of trees and debris so that other emergency personnel can carry out their objectives. Depending on the degree of damage in regions of Paramus, certain main roads must be cleared first to allow for emergency transportation between hospitals and evacuation shelters.     Clearing of these roads (FIG 4) will also allow for easy access to the Garden State Parkway. This will allow outside Fire/Rescue, and EMS organizations to respond to the incident if needed.The Logistics Officer will coordinate the efforts of the Paramus Department of Public Works, the Paramus Rescue Squad, and the Paramus Fire Department regarding the use of brush trucks and command vehicles with four-wheel drive that can be used to reach otherwise inaccessible areas. Public Works will also communicate with utility companies regarding which parts of the electrical grid should be shut down so that repairs can be made. Gas meters in affected areas should also be shut off and gas should be diverted to avoid pressure build up (Walker, 2011). The department will also be responsible for documenting any major infrastructure damage that will need to be addressed in the coming days and weeks after the disaster. Animal Control Animal Control will be responsible for collecting stray animals and livestock and holding them in temporary pens in locations set forth by the Safety Team Leader. The Operations Officer and Logistics Officer will facilitate communication between Animal Control and Public Works as well as Fire/Rescue.Red Cross & Other Miscellaneous Volunteer Groups The American Red Cross will provide rehabilitation services, food and rest, for first responders. Other organizations will work with the Red Cross to shelter and process displaced peoples at the evacuation shelter. This includes maintaining an updated list of missing persons, deceased victims, and rescued and/or evacuated individuals for outside family and media (Walker, 2011).Bergen County Office of Emergency Management (BCOEM) The BCOEM, in addition to organizing the ICS, will be responsible for organizing response from outside organizations and institutions such as first aid squads and fire/rescue departments from the tri-state area. The BCOEM will also oversee any formal state and federal disaster declarations, working with the Governor and President if the situation calls for it. It is important to remember that only the Governor can dispatch the National Guard and only the President can dispatch the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) with their respective resources during a disaster (“Bergen County Office of Emergency Management,” n.d.).