Eagle travel is a travel agent which
has been operating since 1969 in Coventry. The locals are the main customer and
have made the business very popular. The company establishes itself as a “reputable,
reliable and trustworthy company” (Eagle travel). Due to these principles in
place the business were “one of the first IATA approved travel agents in the
UK. Therefore the company prides itself in “providing excellent customer
service care and satisfaction”. The agent’s knowledge and experiences helps in
providing you with the best deals available by working with “working with
personally every element that makes up a holiday. The company books flights,
hotels, flight wheelchair service, offers tourist visas, different flight
packages etc.

The travel trade business contain a
website with less social media activity. The closest tools to social media the
company has is an email and contact information. The business contains no
social sites which would have helped in raising awareness and get more traffic.
The business has developed so far with word of mouth only. With social networks
in place this travel provider would flourish faster by getting more people to
purchase more flights.

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Social media is a powerful tool which
a business can use to its advantage. In simple terms it is defined as “websites and other online means of communication that are used by large groups of people to share information and to develop social and professional contacts.” For social media platforms, Eagle travel should
choose Facebook and Youtube. The reason being is that they are the most powerful,
top ranked and appropriate platforms for a business such as Eagle travel.
Mainly when businesses and people use the social media tools there’s a lot of
awareness from the online community as you are exposed almost everywhere in the
world. Social media is a drive wheel which can boost your business to its
potential. The travel agent will have great advantage in using Facebook (FB)
which is number 1 in ranking. Eagle travel helps its customers get to their
destination. Some of these customers have never been abroad in their life. They
may have never experienced another country before. By displaying contents on Facebook
such as images and videos of Cities, famous buildings, Seaside, nature etc.
they may be drawn to it straight away and want to book a flight to go there. FB
is simple to set up .You simply need to visit the website facebook.com and fill
in your detail at the section where it says your account. The social site can
create you a very big fan base at the cost of nothing. The benefits include
increased exposure to potential customers. Reach your target audience and get
them to engage by clicking on the like button. FB raises your brand awareness
and promote positive word of mouth. It also increases your web traffic. A lot
of people will be able to visit Eagle travel website through FB. You can
control your business at your fingertips on almost any electronic devices. You
can easily connect with existing and potential customers by posting or using
messaging. Finally you can offer deals to your fan/customers. According to (Ebiz) Facebook has around 1,500,000,000 billion unique visitors per
month. That’s not everybody in the world but it’s a huge figure. This shows how
powerful Facebook has becoming over the years. Previously in its first year
(2004) the site had around 1 million active users.


The second social platform the business can use is Youtube. There are
variety of sites like YouTube such as vimeo, dailymotion but YouTube is the
most popular of them all. With more than a billion users accessing every month;
it has become an unbreakable empire. Eagle travel can have lots of benefit by
using YouTube video advertisements. By getting eagle travel on this platform is
smart strategy which will help the business in gaining extra customers. The initial benefits of advertisement of your
business using YouTube is that your customers or potential customers will be
engaged in your business and what it’s about. Through the use of video, the company
can show what it does daily i: e the travel agency can show a travel
destination which contains luxurious seaside hotels in a video. This will show
the customers where they could be and what they are spending their money on.
This can get your customers to appreciate and respect the services you are
providing for them. In order to help Eagle travel reach a wider audience adding
relevant tags to the video will increase the chance of contents to be seen on
the search result. Through YouTube you can also offer flight deals and support.
Videos often captures the attention of its viewers instantly. When people see
the videos posted on YouTube and they may become excited and want to travel
there. On YouTube you can also advertise your other social platforms i: e
Instagram. Youtube is one of the best tools to share your
business image and what it’s about .There is no better tool to use video-wise
to reach out to wider audience. Setting up Youtube is free and easy. Once you
are set up, you will need to create a channel and begin to upload your videos
and analyse them. Youtube will inform you of how many times people visit your

These two social platforms are very useful and advantageous
to have. The travel agent can utilise it to gain wider audience, more traffic
drawn to the company’s website and respect to company’s brand. It is very
important to build network around the business. Networking helps to build relationships,
working out what you have to offer, work out what you are looking for and helps
marketing while in being yourself.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

For any business the use of social media can bring a lot of
success. The brand can develop into a big top-notch brand i:e 2 years ago JD
gym was opened, the Gym were advertising in everyway possible. They used face-to-face,
Billboards, leaflets and social media. The most effective way for them was
through advertising on social media. The links posted on their social sites
redirects the users to JD gyms website where clients can sign up there and
then. To summarise Eagle travel can develop further and offer further services
such as cargo delivery, importing and exporting via plane.  The organisation has less social media
activities at the moment. The business will need to consider utilising the
recommended tools so that they don’t fall behind. These tools are used by big
brands like Apple and Samsung even today. Furthermore other social platforms to
recommend is Instagram as on you can connect to customers through multiple
channel and build a community which will come back to your page again and
again. On Instagram the most powerful feature is posting an image, It can
attract many people and grab the attention of its viewers. The tool allows
people to share your posted photos and videos onto other social media. Facebook
is the the owner of Instagram, therefore if you are connected to Facebook you
will be able to link your Instagram account directly, so if you post a photo or
video it will be posted onto Facebook instantly. The other platform that would
be ideal to use is twitter just like Facebook you can do networking but with
twitter the use of hashtag functionality has exploded the internet with
hashtags trending all the time. With twitter your contents are distributed even
if you don’t have followers tweets posted are accessible by the public plus
anyone searching. The brand message has a bigger chance of reaching more
people. There’s an improvement chances of purchase meaning even though the main
aim of businesses on social platforms is to raise brand awareness a lot of
companies benefit from indirected sales. With twitter you  can reach wider audience. You are also able
to gather feedback your visibility increases because the world finds out about
you, your business and knowledge.Twitter offers a lot of great benefits. Many successful
businesses use twitter for marketing which is great idea as the platform
improves customer service,increases traffic ,follows trends,communicate very
effectively with customers,follows competitors and connect with local