I observed actively In problem-solving, social and cognitive development, as well as physical and motor skills. Josephine home environment was equipped with a wide variety of toys and challenging activities that range from easels and coloring-books for art, building blocks, a wooden tool-set with nails, hammers, and screws, and puzzles. She was eager to use fine motor skills with her art on her easel and drew mostly random lines, but did announce the colors as she picked them up and added suckers for a more creative touch.

She announced in a complete sentence that “It’s for my daddy. ” She articulated her needs and wants in complete sentences and used pronouns appropriately. She quickly turned her attention too puzzle that she completed in sees than one minute from what appeared to be repeated exposure and memory, rather than problem-solving. Her mother reports that Josephine has also memorized parts of her favorite books, but pretends to read them. Josephine was ardent with her request to relocate her audience to her room and show off her blocks and tools.

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Her ability to problem-solve was demonstrated with the use of her hammer and screwdriver as she manipulated the wooden nails and screws accurately. She also exhibited the use of “pretend-play’ with her doll while building a castle out of her blocks. The corner of her room also had a table, chairs, ND tea set that her mother informs me is used for frequent tea parties. As time neared for Josephine gymnastics class, she excitedly exclaimed, “l have to go tee-tee! ” She ran to the bathroom and called for her mother to come wipe her when she finished.

Her mother happily reported that she is 90% potty trained. Josephine then ran to pick out her clothes for class and began undressing and dressing herself; although she required her mother’s help for her socks and shoes. As we were leaving the house, Josephine displayed empathy for her doll and dog as she hugged them before leaving for gymnastics. Upon arrival at Little Gym, Josephine was enthusiastic to see her friends that she has routinely been socialized with over the past year at Little Gym and various birthday parties.

She was able to perform somersaults and balancing for a short amount of time. Her leadership skills were displayed during the group parachute actively as she showed a peer how to hold It. She was affectionate to her peers and her mother reports that she does not have any problems sharing. Josephine Is physically the same size as the majority of her Little Gym class and her mother reported that she was breast-fed and has eaten mostly organic foods repaper fresh at home since birth.

She has had regular doctor visits since birth and Josephine appears to De In ten normal range AT Pensacola development. Josephine also appears to be normal with regards to cognition and social development, and may be slightly above average with her verbal abilities. She was confident and independent with the activities she selected, as well as the snacks she wanted from her mother. While this was a small sample of time into Josephine life, I believe the observation gave great insight into normal development of early childhood.