Once Memorial Day has passed it is really only a short time indeed before children are finished with school and are off for summer vacation. Every family has their own plans for the summer season, be it a family vacation, sleep away camp, or just lounging by a community pool over a couple of really good books. But whatever the plan, you can be assured that kids will see to it their goals for the summer – relax, have fun, hang out with friends – will easily be met.

And so it seems only fair that parents should have their own goals for the summer season. After all, just because we’re adults doesn’t mean the summer is lost to us entirely. But surely, our priorities have changed as we have grown older, as have our schedules, and we may find that with the lull in activity afforded by the summer months that we finally have time to pursue something rather lofty – an online degree.

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An online degree program is often offered through accredited colleges and universities across the country in a variety of majors. For students in non-typical circumstances – those who have a family, are logistically unable or unwilling to attend classes, and are a balancing a full time job, to name a few – the online degree allows them to earn their class credits through the computer without ever having to leave their home.

And so, many kids and their parents will trade positions this summer as kids leave school and parents logon to their computers to attend class. But with school activities and the daily run-around associated with having children of school age eliminated, parents are often able to find the time they need to sit down and get working. Armed with a laptop and the syllabus, some parents can even earn their online degree by the time you can say “back to school” for the kids.